The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care
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I have very few regrets in my life because even the worst mistakes I’ve made, have been my greatest life lessons. However, the one regret I do have (and one that I will rectify in future), is not taking every opportunity that came to me to go away and learn self-care stuff! I have been invited to all kinds of weekend classes, retreats, ashrams, etc, but I never seemingly have the time or the money to justify it. But, women I know who manage to find the time and money, come back enriched beyond all understanding.

Giving myself the gift of learning self-care is truly the most important thing that I can do if I want to live a long and happy life. Thinking I can figure it out alone by piecing bits of random information together, never really works. The few times that I have gone away to focus on self care (mediation, nutrition, mindfulness etc), have been utterly life changing.

For example, when I was twenty five, I took myself off to learn to meditate. It was a 4-day TM course in London, and it was a huge financial investment for a young actress who was scraping things together to make ends meet. But, I knew it was important. All the self-care books that I devoured led me to the understanding that I wouldn’t really be able to change unless I changed my consciousness, and to do that I needed to meditate. My Dad helped me pay for it, and it was the greatest gift I have ever received because 25 years later I am still doing it!

This is one of the reasons why I have been wanting to create a wellness retreat program for years. You’ve probably heard me talk about it in the past. But, now it is actually happening! The Hello Gorgeous Retreat is taking place in Miami January 13th – 17th 2017. I chose a gorgeous 5-star boutique hotel and spa on Miami beach (yes – you actually walk out onto the sand), as our venue because I wanted the inaugural retreat to be a luxurious experience. The choice of this location actually happened by chance – I met my BFF from England for a trip there back in May this year. She is in the wellness field, so what’s new in the space was what we incessantly talked about (she is an Osteopathic doctor). As we sat sipping our green smoothies in the Tiki yoga hut, it dawned on me that The Palms Hotel and Spa would be the perfect spot for you to come and learn how to transform your life. My friend and I decided we would make this happen (she is heading up the physical fitness side of the program that we will be teaching you), and thus we’ve spent the last few months creating a wellness retreat that will completely change your life.

Unfortunately the spots are very limited because we want a small and manageable group of women who can not only learn everything we have to teach, but who can also bond. If you sign up for this inaugural retreat, you have our support for life. Our intention is to create a Hello Gorgeous community that supports each other for years to come.

So what will you actually learn on this retreat? Once we have you in our clutches, we will take your through a holistic program that will hit every area of your life. We do the deep dive with you – into your nutrition, your physical/fitness, and most importantly, your mind-set. We want you to walk away with all the information and support you need to make permanent changes in your life.

As teachers in the wellness space, my friend and I have only too often seen program, diets, and approaches that do not work long-term. Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of clients, patients, and friends set themselves up to fail. This is why we are passionate about showing you how to make changes that will stick.

We want you to have an incredible experience in Miami. It will be deluxe, it will be about enjoyment and delicious food, but it will also be about change. We want you to fly into 2017 with the know-how, and conviction to change your life for the better.

Once we have our group all signed up, you ladies will receive questionnaires and a lot of information. This is because we will be doing a lot of the personal/customized work before you even get on the plane. By the time you arrive in Miami, we’ll already have your personal program designed and ready to implement.

But, if all this sounds like hard work, it isn’t! We plan to have a LOT of fun. We don’t take things too seriously because we believe that laughter is the best medicine, and that to some extent, you can enjoy everything in moderation. So, please don’t think you’ll be doing juice shots and fifty thousand push-ups a day. Although we call our retreat “Beauty Boot Camp”, I promise you’ll come away wanting to sign up for the next one as soon as you can.

Phew – all this to say that we are already over 50% booked. If you’ll entrust your precious self with us, see if you can nab one of those remaining few spots on the Hello Gorgeous Retreat. It will be my honor to personally teach your everything I can to ensure that you will feel completely gorgeous in your own skin from that day forward.

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