How to care for mature hair

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A guest post by Regina Plaza from EVOLVh


As you look into the mirror these days – are you noticing that your hair is in the middle of a transformation, and causing you some woes that are related to the natural aging of hair?   The look, feel, and results of your daily hair routine may not be cutting it due to genetic, biochemical, and hormonal hair changes and even environmental wear and tear.  Dull, coarse, dry, damaged, or thinning hair can be downright frustrating, challenging, and produce some sadness as many of our natural aging processes do.  The good news is, that you are not alone, and yes, there are steps that you can take to keep your hair looking youthful at any age to minimize the less pleasant impacts of color and texture changes.


Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t far too far from the tree, this applies to your hair as well.  Genetics play an important role in how quickly your hair ages.  How rapidly one of your parents started graying, and also how light or dark your skin tone is determining the pace of your gray hair journey.  Ultimately, your hair turns gray when melanin, the pigment that gives your hair and skin color, stops being produced.  The fairer your skin, the earlier those grays will appear.  It affects the most visible part of the body first, your crowning glory that is visible to the world, and the rest of your body hair will gray much later.


Why do we hear so many complaints about the unruliness and texture of gray hair?  It’s quite simple.  Aging hair follicles produce less sebum, aka the oils that hydrate your hair.  Hereditary endocrine and thyroid disorders reduced hormonal support during menopause and nutritional deficiencies contribute as well.  Coarse, dry, and rough texture is the result, which gives the appearance of dull and lifeless hair.  With good hair care product options and a few tweaks to your hair routine addressing your specific challenges, you can combat any of the gray hair negatives you’re experiencing and attain gorgeous youthful hair whether you choose to embrace your grays or prefer color-treated hair.

Tips and Tricks for Common Gray Hair Challenges

Texture Woes:  Dry, Dull & Coarse

Adding maximum hydration and essential fatty acids to hair will result in the smoothest look and feel to transform those wiry grays.

  1. Condition hair daily – to infuse maximum hydration into hair (yes, consider washing less!). Choose pH-balanced, sulfate-free products minus hormone-disrupting chemicals like parabens and phthalates. EVOLVh has a range of conditioners that target every hair type: UltraShine Moisture Conditioner, SmartCurl Hydrating Conditioner, and SmartColor Protecting Conditioner.
  2. Use a hydration mask weekly – If you struggle with dryness, you will need this extra moisture support. EVOLVh’s UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque Masque revitalizes and repairs dry damaged hair.
  3. Massage scalp while washing – When you do wash your hair this is known to increase blood flow & oil production. EVOLVh has a shampoo for every hair concern: UltraShine Moisture Shampoo, SmartCurl Hydrating Wash, Smart Color Protecting Shampoo, and InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment.
  4. Drink your water – dehydration affects not only your body but your hair as well
  5. Reduce or eliminate heat styling which removes moisture from hair – use heat protectant always and reduce the temperature on all devices to avoid dryness, scorching and breakage.
  6. Protein & Essential fatty acids for the win – look for conditioners that offer both components in your products, but a two-pronged approach by adding a strong protein component to your diet plus pro essential fatty acid nuts like walnuts, brazil nuts, and almonds (great for scalp and hair) will result in stronger, smoother, more manageable healthy hair.


Frizz Woes:

While frizz is caused by lack of internal hydration in the hair, or hair friction leading to loss of moisture, you can add/seal in moisture plus add anti-frizz TLC to your haircare routine with a few simple steps.

  1. Apply the Texture Woes treatment routine above


  1. Consider a leave-in conditioner – add and lock in additional moisture. EVOLVh’s leave-in conditioners are an amazing option for daily conditioning. With SmartStart, SmartVolume, and SmartCurl, there’s an option for every hair type.
  2. Use an anti-frizz serum to add moisture, shine and smoothing – EVOLVh’s Wonderbalm absolutely lives up to its name.
  3. For dry ends in particular, the oldest part of your hair, use a strengthening, moisture treatment type product to mask split ends and smooth flyaways. EVOLVH’s Superfinish Polishing Balm is the perfect product for your finishing touch.
  4. Amp up your hair TLC – use a specialized hair towel rather than a terry towel after showering, to protect fragile locks by reducing hair friction.
  5. Maintain natural oils while you sleep by using a silk or satin pillowcase while sleeping. Cotton pillowcases be gone (they soak up your natural oils). I love the Trisilk Pillowcase from Discover Night,  and the Eco Satin Pillowcase is a great option as well! Note:  Link to Discover Night – range of price points for silk and satin.


Yellowing/Brassiness Woes

Gray hair is very porous, translating to a highly raised cuticle, attracting pollutants and other environmental elements which can turn hair yellow or orange.  High heat styling tools, sun exposure, and the makeup of your water can also give grays the tinge of yellow.  Masking with a violet toned shampoo or conditioner is used by many, another option is to protect hair from the sources of yellowing.

  • Seal in Moisture – Use a balanced leave-in, protein, and deep conditioning masques, and never shampoo without using a conditioner. Closing the cuticle and keeping moisture in will protect hair from the yellowing outside influences.
  • Eliminate high heat tools, or turn down the temperature settings – which can burn hair.
  • Sun Protection – Wear an SPF-rated hat when possible, to protect hair from damaging rays.



Volume/Hair Loss Woes

Aging brings a shortened lifecycle with shorter and finer hair growth and the replacement with finer hairs.  We do have a few tips on increasing hair volume whatever the cause.

  • Use a volume shampoo, go light on the conditioner or eliminate. EVOLVh’s UltraShine or InstaVolume Cleansing Treatments are wonderful.
  • Massage scalp to stimulate growth.
  • Be Gentle – blot dry after shampooing, and use a specialized hair towel rather than terry cloth.
  • Choose styling products- focus on root boosting and/or all over volume products, consider hairspray to hold in place. If you want a healthy option for your gorgeous hair, EVOLVH’s InstaVolume Mousse or TotalControl Styling Crème are gorgeous options.
  • Easy styling tips– change your hair part, can be an instant volume appearance plus, or gently blow-dry or diffuse hair upside down.


Fall in love with your hair at every age by experimenting with your overall hair routine and products that fit your strand’s unique needs.   While your hair changes over time, start with some of these suggestions to keep your strands looking healthy and youthful.  Celebrate the power of you, and you will glow.


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