Please continue reading to make sure you qualify for this session before signing up.

A breakthrough session is a free, 45-minute session with Sophie Uliano to create a weight-loss and wellness strategy for the rest of your life.

The focus is on you, your current weight-loss and wellness status, your vision going forward, and how Sophie can help you get there.


You’re 100% sure you need to make some significant lifestyle changes, but you aren’t sure which direction to take.

You’re 100% committed to a lifestyle overhaul, because you’re at a stage in your life where you know that it’s now or never!


You just need to make a few tweaks to your already healthy lifestyle.

You want specific nutritional advice.*

You have quick-fire specific questions related to health and nutrition.*

*If you have specific nutrition and fitness related questions, please consider joining Sophie’s private Light Lean & Lovely Facebook Group where you’ll find the support you need, and very likely have your questions answered.