How to grow (and re-grow) healthy, full hair

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This blog was written in conjunction with EVOLVh.


Are you ready for the world’s most advanced 100% clean, plant-based scalp care for stronger, healthier, fuller hair? Say hello to Better Roots, because better hair really does begin at the root.

Post Covid we have seen a major increase in women experiencing hair loss and thinning. So EVOLVh went to work to create a highly effective drug-free solution using only clinically proven plant-based active ingredients.

The Better Roots collection consists of two topicals and one supplement: A water-based serum called RootBoost and a Scalp + Hair Oil, plus RootBoost Complex, a comprehensive growth-supporting supplement. All three products are powerful on their own and even better when used together as a complete and synergistic 360-degree holistic system for the healthiest, strongest, most youthful hair you can have now and into the future.

The best time to use these products is before you really need them. They are designed to extend the longevity of your strands, including even slowing or preventing graying. And if you are already experiencing excessive shedding, thinning, increased brittleness, or loss of hair, the Better Roots system will help you have the best chance to reverse the clock without the use of drugs and their related side effects, and regain healthy regrowth over time, while extending the overall health and vitality of your hair years into the future. We believe longevity is not just living longer, it’s living longer and healthier. And this is what our Better Roots collection is all about.

This serum contains ten clinically-proven ingredients for stimulating hair follicle cells and improving the health of scalp skin cells, all combining to significantly contribute to healthier, stronger hair with longevity in mind. The serum is for anyone and everyone at any stage of life. Whether you still have a ton of hair or are experiencing thinning and hair loss, this serum is for you. It’s water-based (zero oils) and absorbs at lightning speed, leaving no residue behind. Apply daily onto a dry scalp on the days you don’t wash your hair and onto a damp scalp after washing on the days that you do. The serum is so magical and pleasant you will actually look forward to using it.


The oil contains six clinically-proven ingredients for stimulating hair follicle cells and improving the health of scalp skin cells, and just as with our serum, all of the actives significantly contribute to healthier, stronger hair with longevity as the focus. The oil is also designed for use on your hair to prevent breakage and protect hair from UV, heat styling, and other potentially damaging external factors. The oil is perfect for anyone with a dry scalp that needs more moisture. For those with fine hair or an oily scalp, the oil can be used as a treatment prior to washing hair. It’s also a sublime hair oil, especially for treating dry ends or when heat styling to protect hair from damage

The RootBoost Complex is arguably the most balanced and comprehensive supplement in the world for supporting healthy hair and regrowth. Our follicle cells depend on the availability of certain nutrients in order to synthesize proteins, which is the biological process that creates our hair strands, and melanin synthesis, which gives our hair color. A deficiency in any of these essential nutrients can interrupt and even permanently shut down these processes.

The RootBoost Complex contains all of the necessary naturally occurring nutrients that have been scientifically proven to directly link to protein and melanin synthesis for hair, and the complex also contains one powerful and clinically-proven active ingredient derived from organic pea sprouts that stimulates the gene expression in hair follicle cells responsible for giving the signal for growth and this signaling must be active for hair growth to occur.

Every nutrient in the Better Roots supplement is at 100% of the FDA-recommended daily value or less. Unlike nearly all other supplements for hair, Better Roots does not contain high-dose biotin or high-dose anything because overloading our bodies with biotin or any other nutrient is not sustainable for long-term health and has many other associated negatives. You can count on the Better Roots supplement to be safe and effective and to be your long-term hair supplement partner for longevity without any of the negatives of high-dose supplementation.

The Better Roots supplement jar is made of glass and contains 60 capsules (take just one capsule daily) for a two-month supply per jar, which reduces the total number of jars in half compared to sending only a 30-day supply.

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