If you’re over 45 and suffering from symptoms such as low energy, brain fog, inflammation, digestive issues, belly fat, and a loss of self-confidence, there’s a holistic solution.
Many women believe that the only way they can get into shape and achieve optimal health as they age is to punish themselves. As their bodies change, they push themselves even harder. They restrict calories, eliminate carbs, and resort to weight loss drugs. They think this is the only way ...
... until now. 
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The solution: Ignite Your Life! 
Ignite is a revolutionary 16-week holistic coaching program designed by a woman for women! It seamlessly integrates neuroscience, mindset, nutrition, exercise, and stress management into a transformative journey for any woman who desires deep and lasting change.

Ignite gives you all the holistic lifestyle tools you need to build an unshakable foundation for life.

The Ignite program transcends conventional wisdom, helping you shatter patterns that may have held you back for years.
What You'll Learn 
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You’ll never be confused again! Learn how to integrate an evidence-based nutritional protocol (personalized for you) so you never have to go on a diet again.

This is the gold standard for getting into the best shape possible after 45, lowering your risk for chronic disease, and maintaining it for life.

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You will uncover limiting beliefs, patterns, and blocks that have prevented you from living as the best version of yourself.

You will master releasing disempowering emotions such as shame, guilt, and resentment and learning to nurture feelings of love, vitality, abundance, and joy.

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You will learn how to prioritize what is most important (your health) and how to seamlessly integrate simple, powerful lifestyle habits into your busy day.
Meet Some Ignited Success Stories
Transform Your Body & Your Life Over 16 Life-Changing Weeks
Ground Breaking Curriculum
I have created a unique 16-week curriculum for you to easily follow in your own time. Week by week, you’ll learn and apply all the core holistic pillars that will set you up for life.
Powerful 1:1 Coaching
You’ll experience five deep-dive personalized coaching sessions with me and my exceptional team, helping you to shatter the limiting beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back from realizing your dreams.
Weekly Group Coaching
You’re invited to three weekly group sessions with a small group of remarkable and committed women. These sessions inspire and hold you accountable to your goals.
Constant Support
Ignite stands apart from any other program due to the exceptional level of support we offer. My coaching team and I can connect with you six days a week! No question is left answered. We are committed and dedicated to your success every day, week, and month in your program.
"Being part of Ignite Your Life and working with Sophie has totally bee a game changer for me. I feel healthier than I have in years, my body moves better, my waist is smaller, my skin glows, and I feel more empowered to move forward with my goals."
-Debbie R.
 Life-Transformative Curriculum  

Precourse Module

Join your tribe, and start your two weeks getting prepared and acclimatized to your journey ahead.

Immersive yourself in learning everything you need to set yourself up for success. Meet your coaches, join the group coaching calls, and prepare for massive success.

You will have your first 1:1 call with Coach Sophie to discuss your nutritional supplementation and start customizing your journey.

Week 1: Choose

Learn your flawless nutrition protocol. With the help of your amazing coaches, you will learn to dial in and personalize your nutrition. We customize our nutritional recommendations to suit your specific needs and circumstances. You will focus on choosing who you want to be and what you want to realize. You will get clear on your Future Dream Self - who you want to be and what you want to do.

Week 2: Believe

You will continue dialing in your nutrition while we layer the next lifestyle piece: exercise (and yoga). We meet you where you are and show you how to make it easy and doable. We also teach you the primary powerful mindset tools that will change how you live your life. You will begin to uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Week 3: Release

As you continue to dial in your nutrition and exercise, you will learn how to build a strong growth mindset while releasing habits, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve. We teach you your “Functional 15” exercises that will become a part of your everyday life.

Week 4: Protect

You will learn the greatest threats to your Future Dream Self and how to protect your time and dreams. Time management, including learning to prioritize yourself and set healthy boundaries, is critical for building a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We check in with your nutrition, meal planning, and meal tracking, ensuring that everything is working perfectly for you and that you’re gaining energy, releasing fat, and feeling fabulous.

Week 5: Act

It’s time to take action and learn to deal with resistance. You will learn how resistance works and the mechanisms behind resistance to change. You’ll finally have tools to break through patterns that hold you back.

You will learn the exact strength training exercises to age-proof your body to build lean, strong muscles and increase bone mineral density.

Week 6: Clear

This week is about clearing the “channel” of fears and resentments that may prevent you from experiencing joy. Forgiveness is your super weapon, and it starts with self-forgiveness. You are led through a process to free yourself from fear and resentment, as clearing the channel is essential to your healing journey. We continue to dial in your nutrition and strength training.

Week 7: Elevate 

Now you’re ready to go next level. Having learned all the fundamental holistic lifestyle tools, it’s time to go to the next level. We will show you how to ninja your nutrition to target belly fat and insulin resistance.

Week 8: Balance

Finding balance within your new “ignited” lifestyle is critical. This week, we're discussing finding a balance between effort and release and dialing down chronic stress so you can start flourishing in your life.

Week 9: Respect

This week, you learn how to redefine self-care and how to respect and honor yourself and your Future Dream Self. You will learn how to create boundaries that support your Future Dream Self.

Week 10: Align

This week is about bringing everything you’ve learned thus far into alignment so that you will continue to be successful along your journey. You will take all of the powerful holistic tools that we’ve taught you and see how everything naturally and beautifully comes into alignment.

Week 11: Trust

This week is about learning to trust yourself and trust the process so that you feel empowered and confident with everything you’re doing. You will create a winning mindset and learn how to override stubborn neural pathways (old habits) of worry, self-sabotage, and procrastination.

Week 12: Expand

This week is about expansion and moving beyond your self-imposed limitations. You will learn more essential exercises to expand your “growing edge.”  We revisit nutrition and your basic “ignited” habits.

Week 13: Value

This week, we will explore your deepest values and “why.” This is about realizing your purpose and why you and your life are deeply meaningful. You will discover how your values align with your daily actions.

Week 14: Integrate

In week 14,  everything comes together. You will revisit everything you’ve learned on your journey and ensure that your Ignite tools are beautifully integrated.

Meet Your Team
As your mentors, we genuinely understand because we’ve lived it - we have navigated ourselves through and out the other side of menopause. Working with someone who understands what you are going through is essential.
Sophie Uliano, founder & CEO of Ignite Your Life, brings over a decade of experience in coaching and mentoring in the wellness space. As a board-certified nutritionist and transformational mindset coach, she blends her coaching and consultant skills to provide clients with a transformational experience.
As a world-class transformational mindset coach, Coach Audra’s inimitable skill is guiding clients through limiting beliefs, blocks, and patterns. Coach Audra will help facilitate whatever needs shifting so that you can get unstuck and move confidently forward.
Coach Mary employs her extraordinary skills as a lifestyle coach and nutritionist to teach, mentor, and inspire our clients to change their health and their lives. Coach Mary is also a talented recipe developer and will teach you how to cook the Igntied way!
Ready to join or want to know more?
Apply for a free, 45-minute Discovery Session to find out if Ignite is the next step for you or to answer any questions.
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Does Ignite Work?  
Watch some stories from recent graduates.
Your Investment To Change Your Health Outcome For Life
  • A priceless toolkit that empowers you to take charge of your health for life.

  • Mindset tools enable you to create the life you want.

  • A revolutionary virtual curriculum (that you get to keep for life).

  • Five 1:1 coaching sessions

  • 16 weeks of virtual Q&A coaching calls with an exceptional group of inspiring women.

  • Personalized nutritional coaching.

  • Daily on-demand coaching with us (reach out to us as often as needed for coaching or to get your questions answered).
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 Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the time commitment?

There are three components to time:

  1. Modules: You will work through your online modules and sessions independently. Each main weekly module lasts about 90 minutes, which you can break into smaller time segments. There are also in-depth bonus training and strategy sessions built into each module. If you have time, we recommend you dive into as much as possible. But you can always come back to them. Remember, you have lifetime access to your curriculum.
  2. Integrating the lifestyle tools into your existing lifestyle. You may need to carve out a little more time to factor in meal prep, exercise, a mini-morning routine, etc. We will help you prioritize and manage your time around your new lifestyle practices.
  3. Attending group coaching calls: These run for about 60-90 minutes. These are camera-on, being fully present, interactive sessions. They will be your most treasured time of the week. If you cannot make the calls, they are recorded and posted in the private Ignite Facebook group so you can listen to them later.

Who are the group coaching calls with?

One of your group calls is hosted by Coach Mary, and the focus is on nutrition and meal prep (Mondays @ 3pm PT | 4pm MT | 5pm CT | 6pm ET).

Your Wednesday and Friday group coaching calls are hosted mainly by Sophie (Wednesdays @ 5pm PT | 6pm MT | 7pm CT | 8pm ET and Fridays @ 10am PT | 11am MT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET).

What if I can’t make/miss a group coaching call?

No worries. They are recorded and posted in the private Ignite group a few hours after the session.

Who are my 1:1 calls with?

Your first call will be with Coach Sophie, and then you will be assigned to either Coach Mary or Coach Audra for your remaining calls.

What if I have health issues/physical limitations?

We will meet you where you are and customize your program accordingly. But the best thing would be to book a Discovery Call with me to see if the program is a good fit for you.

What happens after 16 weeks?

You will be graduated into our special “Glow Up” graduate group. You will have group coaching with me once a month, plus the monthly cooking class - on an ongoing basis.

Are there meal plans?

I have “blue print” meal plans, but we will teach you how to create your own meal plan, which is better suited to your individual needs. We will help you to dial this in over the weeks through meal tracking, which will be assessed weekly.

What about supplements?

I do not sell any supplements, and I’m not affiliated with any particular brand. However, some supplementation is necessary, and I will go through your supplements carefully on our first 1:1 call.

What if I am going on vacation or have a travel/event during the 16 weeks?

No worries, we just pause you for the time you are away.

Do you offer financing?

I don’t offer financing, but I can point you to a couple of great options if you need more flexibility so that you can start Ignite right away!

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Got questions? Book a Discovery Call today. 
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