How To Dry Skin Brush: Powerful Health Benefits

dry brushing
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If you’re not dry brushing, you need to be. It is absolutely one of my morning rituals, because the list of health benefits is a mile long!

I know you may be thinking, “How could I possibly add another task to my already busy morning routine?” Let me start with this: Dry brushing doesn’t take very long, and has TREMENDOUS health benefits. Dry brushing helps eliminate cellulite, strengthen your immune system, increase circulation, exfoliate dry skin, boost lymphatic health … the list goes on and on.

I mean, it really just goes back to 7th grade biology class. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Your skin is also one of your body’s most important elimination organs. When your body is processing toxic materials and toxins, your skin shows all of the problems, imbalances and deficiencies.

So, let’s show it some love by reaching for the nearest dry brush! Even if you can’t commit to dry brushing every day, just integrating it as some kind of routine will go miles.

My favorite dry brush is made by Modern Skin Labs. Here’s why:

  • It’s all one piece – I hate brushes that separate, they always fall apart on you.
  • The bristles are soft – You don’t want to hurt your skin, you want to stimulate it!
  • Made with natural bamboo – So it will last a very long time.

When you buy a Modern Skin Labs dry brush, they send you a digital guide, but I wanted to share my dry brushing tips with you as well!

  • Use long strokes
  • Always brush towards the heart
  • Use your dry brush before you shower
  • Focus on the back of your knees and under your arms, for added lymphatic benefits
  • Brush in multiples of seven!

Buy a dry brush today! Use the code “sophie10” to receive a 10% discount at purchase!

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