Green Your Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen

Green Your Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen
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Today is all about how to green your anti-aging beauty regimen, making your skincare regimen holistically fabulous. When I say “green” beauty, I mean products that won’t harm your skin, doesn’t harm animals, and doesn’t harm the earth. I pay special attention to packaging, and ingredients, and you should too!

Here are the ingredients four ingredients that are scientifically proven to provide anti-aging benefits:

  • Retinol – I love MyChelle’s Remarkable Retinal Serum (
  • Vitamin C – Everybody needs to use Vitamin C, or L-Ascorbic Acid, to fight brown spots.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Beta Hydroxy Acids – AHA are safe for everyone. If you have oily skin, or skin that tends to
  • breakout, try a BHA.

These ingredients refine, polish and thicken the skin to help prevent premature wrinkling, in short, they green your anti-aging beauty regimen.

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