Healthy Gut = Skinny Jeans!

Healthy Gut = Skinny Jeans
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We now know that our gut bacteria affects our mood, our immunity, and our hormonal balance, but what about weight gain? Studies are beginning to emerge that connect our gut flora with obesity, or the inability to shed those extra pounds. It may well be the case that a healthy Gut = skinny jeans.

Some kinds of bacteria can actually take the waste from our colon (which should be pooped out), and break it down to release calories that go right back onto our hips.

It’s been discovered that there is such as thing as a lean-type of bacteria. Studies found that people eating a vegetarian or vegan diet had more of this kind of bacteria in their gut, which might explain why those eating a veggie diet (for the most part), tend to be slimmer.

Now, I’m not saying that you should become vegan if you want to be slim. Vegans can be incredibly unhealthy if they exist off junk food (which many of them do). What I am suggesting is that you add as many plant foods as you possibly can to your diet because fiber-rich plant foods may help to create this lean-bacteria, and you want as many of those little guys as you can get.

Are some plants better than others? Think about eating as many prebiotic plants as you can – that’s imperative. However, filling your plate, bowl, and snack bag with a large variety of fruits and veggies everyday can only do good.

I recommend a morning smoothie filled with berries, greens, and seeds. Then try to eat a very large salad for lunch, which contains as many different colors as you can get in there. And for dinner, you might want to add steamed veggies and delicious juicy fruits to your menu.

Do you need to take probiotic supplement to encourage the growth of this good and lean bacteria? Not necessarily so. It’s way more important to eat fruits and veggies that encourage natural growth of good gut bacteria. However, a good-quality probiotic supplement wouldn’t hurt.

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