DIY Minty Breath Spray

DIY Sweet Breath Spray
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I am horrified by some of the ingredient in drugstore breath products! We’re talking about dye, artificial fragrance, sweeteners, and the list goes on. And these products just mask the bad odor, whereas I like to use something that treats it.  So, whip up a few bottles of my DIY Minty Breath Spray, and you’ll be totally set. You can pop it in your purse and you’re set. Why not make a 2 or 3 bottles for family members while you are at it.

Keep in mind that there are many different causes of bad breath: digestive issues, poor diet, dental issues, overdoing the garlic etc. If you have persistent bad breath (someone close to you has the courage to tell you!) you might want to go to the doc and get it checked out because it can be sign of a health issue that needs attention. However, many of us wake up with morning breath, which is caused by a build-up of naturally-occurring bacteria during the night. It’s important to brush your teeth really well as soon as you wake up to remove these bacteria because these are the little guys that want to get in and between your gums and teeth. Rinse with a healthy mouthwash, such as Tom’s of Maine, and then use your spray for the remainder of the day.

This spray is especially good if you’ve got “coffee” breath.

The other thing that’s great about my spray is that it actually treats bacteria, and is also anti-viral – an added bonus during flu season.


I purchase all my essential oils and my dark glass sprayer bottle from Mountain Rose Herbs


Simply mix all the ingredient in a glass measuring cup and use a funnel to transfer into your bottle.

Shake well before using.


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