When Revivifying Toner Mist With Marine Complex

When Revivifying Toner Mist With Marine Complex
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You’ve heard me talk about When Beauty before. I LOVE their Revivifying anti-aging line, including their Pure Five Serum With Seanol and Ultimate Cream With Seanol. And today, I get to review the third product in the When Revivifying line – When Revivifying Toner Mist With Marine Complex.

This line is incredible. Formulated with brown algae, When Revivifying is a skincare line that actually walks the walk when it comes to marine algae ingredients (unlike other unnamed, department store brands that retail at shockingly high price points). When Revivifying products use brown algae harvested off the coast of South Korea called Ecklonia Cava extract. Ecklonia Cava has amazing skin benefits, including rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory traits.

Now, you may be wondering, “why algae?” Because algae are some of the most effective, sustainable ingredients on the planet when it comes to anti-aging. When you hear algae, and I want you to think anti-aging.

Now, I know a toning mist doesn’t sound like the most active anti-aging product, but hear me out, because the When Revivifying Toner Mist With Marine Complex is awesome. Spray this mist onto freshly cleaned skin, and it works like an ultra-light serum – hydrating your skin and flooding your cells with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory antioxidants. My skin drinks up this marine complex and preps my skin for moisturizer then makeup.

I love that the When Revivifying line gives us all the amazing benefits of marine complex ingredients without any of the funny fillers or additives that you’d find in other products. With When, you’re only paying for active ingredients, which makes a huge difference!

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