Rosé Hydrating Skin Toner by Rue Sante

Rosé Hydrating Skin Toner by Rue Sante
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Every once in a blue moon, I find myself reaching for a toner in my skincare routine. It’s not always a must-have for me, but I may be editing that opinion after loving every drop of the Rosé Hydrating Skin Toner from Rue Santé.

Most toners can leave your skin stripped down, dried out and often don’t have a place in a mature skincare routine. However, there are great toners on the market designed to hydrate, luxuriate, and nourish your skin, and Rue Santé is leading this charge.

What makes this product different? Well, let’s start with the outrageous scent profile. Each bottle is made with hydrofoils distilled from organic Bulgarian roses and Rose Geraniums from Washington State – Yes, please. Just one spritz, and my mood instantly lifts. It smells like my mother’s English garden met the most stunning bouquet of roses that I view through rose-colored glasses. It’s perfection.

Then, we can look at the formulation. I love that Rue Santé has integrated vegetable collagen (read: moisture retention) with antioxidant-packed white tea extract (for firming and toning) and sake extract (which softens and moisturizes skin). Each spray packs a mighty, anti-aging punch.

Plus, this product sits beautifully on your skin. I love how lightweight it is, and I started using it as a pre-moisturizing ritual because I felt it prepped my skin for whatever cream or serum was coming next. And I loved how it soothed my skin post-cleaning routine — a lovely base layer, to be sure.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this gorgeous toner. Click here to shop Rue Santé today!

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