Akamai Infused Black Floss 

Akamai Infused Black Floss 
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Here’s a little glimpse into my inner-thoughts, friends: when we went into “safer-at-home” practices back in March, I instantly worried “what if I have a dental emergency?” Yes, these are the thoughts that keep me up at night (sometimes). I’m a nut about dental health anyways, but I’ve been particularly inspired to take care of my teeth (preventatively) for the past few months. Thank goodness I found Akamai Infused Black Floss – it’s become a twice-daily ritual that I look forward to! 

Let’s start by talking about the color of the floss – yes, it is black! I know we typically think of white (or maybe baby blue or minty green) floss, but black floss has completely changed the game for me. Plaque and food bits can’t hide against black – you see EVERYTHING coming out from between your teeth. And I don’t think I’m surprising anyone by saying: it’s surprising what flossing pulls from between your teeth even after thorough brushing!! I find myself flossing the same spots ’til the Infused Black Floss comes away totally clean. The floss also expands just a bit while flossing, so you get every nook and cranny! 

I LOVE the taste – Tea Tree, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Clove Essential Oils makes for a lovely, complementary alternative to the minty flavors I usually associate with clean teeth. Plus, you’re skipping the (usually) cheap, synthetic flavoring agents in other products. I also love the use of Fulvic Acid, which can help support strong tooth remineralization & healthy gums (you can read more here if you’re interested).

But, most importantly in my book, Akamai Infused Black Floss is so gentle on my gums. I HATE the feeling of sharp pain in my mouth, and I love how smooth this floss glides between my teeth and gums – flossing has become quite pleasant. And with Akamai’s refillable floss system, flossing a lot is good for the environment! Just pop open the case and insert a new spool. The system reduced waste by 70% – love that.  

All in: I love Akamai Infused Black Floss. Click here to learn more, and to grab yours today!! 

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