goPure Nourishing Body Cream

goPure Nourishing Body Cream
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I’ve dealt with dry skin all my life. Dry hands, elbows, legs … it’s a whole-body thing. So, I’ve learned to always keep a great all-over moisturizer nearby, because nothing feels worse than that dry, crackly feeling. And the work-horse moisturizer I reach for again and again is the goPure Nourishing Body Cream.

You guys know I LOVE goPure – you’re getting amazing quality for your dollar with any goPure products. The brand focuses on excellent formulations, not marketing, and retail space. So their hardworking is your amazing find! Click here to read my other goPure product reviews – I love their entire line.

Their Nourishing Body Cream is no exception. Vitamin E, avocado oil and sea kelp come together in this all-over cream to provide long-lasting, intense moisture. I love the texture – it’s a thick body cream (no runny messes – YES) that absorbs quickly on contact, so you feel the product working right away. I seriously keep goPure around all the time – there’s one on my bedside table for evening application, and one in the center console of my car for on-the-go!

And, I love the scent. I hate body moisturizers and creams that have overpowering scents that cling to you all day. goPure Nourishing Body Cream is scented with cucumber and melon extracts that are so light, they fade into your natural scent gorgeously.

I’ll even add this: this body cream is great for sensitive skin. I have a family member with sensitive skin, and this lotion is gentle enough to not irritate, but works like a charm!

And, of course, as with all goPure products, this cream is cruelty-free, made in the USA, and has no fillers or toxic additives. Click here to grab your goPure Nourishing Body Cream, or here to read more goPure product reviews!

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