What I Eat In A Day Using My Slow Cooker

What I Eat In A Day Using My Slow Cooker
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Today we’re talking about what plant-based (or vegan) meals I eat in a day using my slow cooker. We’re coming out of those pesky winter months (thank goodness), but that doesn’t mean that I’m putting my crockpot away anytime soon. I think that a slow cooker is a kitchen must-have – they’re so useful, especially if you’re busy, or if you’re plant-based! With a little forethought, your slow cooker can conquer so many meals and recipes.

I only have one slow cooker, and it’s from 360 Cookware. This slow cooker is BRILLIANT. It’s actually two separate pieces – a surgical-grade stainless steel pot and a warming plate. This means that you can go from stove to slow cooker without having to pour, scoop or ladle. I’ll sauté onions and carrots on the stove, and simply move the pot over to the slow cooking base to use the pot as a slow cooker -brilliant. Use the code SOPHIE20 at checkout to get 20% off your ENTIRE 360 Cookware purchase. And, if you’re new to 360 Cookware, they have an amazing deal running right now just for my community. You can get 360 Cookware’s signature 2-quart sauté pan for just $69 when you click here and use the code TryMe2020 at checkout. That’s $120 discount (yes, you read that correctly), and it’s only available while supplies last. Go grab yours today!!

I start my day with steel-cut oatmeal made in overnight in my slow cooker. Use 1/2 cup oats with 2 cups of water, and cook it overnight on the lowest setting. I sometimes add a Medjool date to my oatmeal or even cinnamon. This oatmeal is always perfectly cooked, and so easy – Imagine waking up to a breakfast that’s already!! I top with berries, nuts, bananas, hemp hearts, ground flaxseed, and a little non-dairy milk! I’ll have my oatmeal with some green smoothie for an absolutely delicious, easy breakfast!

After I’ve cleaned my slow cooker, it’s over to the stove to prep my mushroom stew for dinner. I water sauté (or broth sauté – your choice) about 1 cup of onion. I add about 3 cloves are garlic (you can add more or less, again, your choice) and about 2 tsp Italian seasoning and 2 tablespoons red wine. To the onions and garlic, I add celery, potatoes and carrots, about 1 cup of white beans, mushrooms, veggie broth and 1 tablespoon tapioca starch (made into a slurry), pepper and salt, and then I leave the stew on the lowest setting for about 8-10 hours! When I’m ready to serve, I top with fresh parsley.

When I’m done making my dinner stew, I make my lunch, which is always a big salad. I usually use salads to clean out my fridge, which means I put a little bit of everything in there. But I definitely include some kind of bean, and a few times a week I’ll add beats. I prefer oil-free dressings and opt for healthy fats from nuts, seeds or avocados.

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