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Many of you have asked me what I include in my healthy weekly shopping list. So, it’s time to share it with you now! This isn’t necessarily what I buy every week, but it gives you a good idea of what I always fill my fridge and pantry with. I have divided this into my weekly and my monthly lists, as I usually stock up on my staples once a month. BTW – I highly recommend that you sign up for Thrive Market (it’s like a super healthy online CostCo), because you can save a ton of money on stocking up your pantry. Kudos to Thrive because they make eating healthy way more affordable. All you do is sign up – you will get 15% off your first order + free shipping. I love that your order gets delivered to your door in a gorgeous white and green box! If an item below is stocked by Thrive Market, I have added a (T) after the entry.

Notice I haven’t included meat or fish on my lists. I don’t eat either, but as you can see from my lists, I am not missing out! Aside from the incredible healthy benefits of ditching animal flesh, my weekly bill is almost cut in half. If you do eat meat, do make sure that it’s certified organic, and humanely reared.

Here are my lists:


I try to shop seasonally as much as I can. I visit my farmers market every Sunday to see what’s in season. This week I got: persimmons, pomegranates, pears, plums, grapes, and apples.

Leafy greens: I make sure I eat a bowl of leafy greens every day. I also steam/saute/and stir fry every green imaginable. My weekly must-have’s include: Swiss Chard, spinach*, Kale, Romaine*, and Arugula.

Cruciferous Veggies: Cruciferous veggies contain cancer-fighting compounds. Every week I make sure I have cauliflower (who doesn’t love cauliflower mash!), Bok Choi, and Brussels sprouts.

Sprouts & Microgreens: Sprouts and microgreens are true super foods in that they pack a very hefty nutritional punch. I buy them fresh from my farmers market every week.

Salad veggies: I make sure I have radishes, cucumbers*, carrots, and bell peppers*, and tomatoes* (when in season).

Starches: I fill my basket with squash, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. These wonderful veggies are full of nutrients and deliver good, slow-release sugars into my bloodstream for energy.

Avocados: I eat at least one a day! Don’t be afraid of healthy fats because your body and your brain needs them. Plus they are satisfying and help you to feel full.

Mushrooms: Since they are so healthy, and a great meat alternative, I always buy Portobello, Oyster, Shitake and button mushrooms.

Cooking staples: Onions*, garlic, leeks.

Fruit: I try to stick to low sugar fruits such as apples, pears, Kiwi fruit, and berries as much as I can. I top up my freezer with organic, frozen berries for smoothies. I also buy a bunch of bananas, and freeze them for a creamier smoothie.

Nut Milk: If I can’t be bothered to make my own, I pick up some bottles or cartons. My preference is almond or cashew milk. I like Califia Farms (T)

Coconut Water: I love to add a little to my morning smoothie, so re-stock every week.

Gluten free crackers: I love Mary’s Gone Crackers (T)

Gluten free pasta: I love Tru Roots Pasta (T)

Vegan Spread: Either Earth Balance or Melt

Yogurt: Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt

Granola: If I can’t be bothered to make my own, I will pick up a good quality brand. I love Purely Elizabeth (T)

Gluten-free bread: You probably have your favorites. I often make my own, or buy from Rising Hearts Bakery.

Mayo: Always need some dairy-free Mayo in the house. I love Just Mayo or Follow Your Heart.

Dressing: I either make my own, or when I’m on the mood for some Ranch, grab a bottle of Daiya Ranch (vegan).

Fermented Veggies: I add these to my salad, dinner bowls, and almost every savory dish I eat. I love Wild Brine

Nut Cheeses: I cannot live without these in my house. My favorites are – Kite Hill, Parmela Creamery, and Field Roast

Hummus: I often make my own, but if I have not got time, I pick up some Hope Hummus

Organic Tofu*

* Needs to be organic


Open Pasture Eggs (I don’t eat them, but my family does)



NOTE: For nearly everything on this list, I use Thrive Market. Not only am I getting superior products, but I’m getting them at a fraction of the price I would at a grocery store. And they’re delivered straight to me. Literally the best of all worlds.

Protein Powder (Hemp or Pea Protein) for my smoothies (T) or even better, I’ll grab a smoothie mix by Chandanni with cleansing herbs.

Ground Flax seed (T) To put in my smoothie daily

Chia Seeds for baking (T)

Acai Powder by Navitas Naturals – to add a potent antioxidant boost to my smoothie.

Gluten-free baking mix (for pancakes, waffles, muffins, breads, and cakes). I like Enjoy Life and Bob’s Red Mill (T)

Almond Meal (T)

Rolled Oats (T)

Tea: Hibiscus, green, and black

Jade Leaf Matcha Tea

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk Mix

Swerve Sweetener (T)

Date Sugar (T)

Rice (T)

TruRoots gluten free Pasta (T)

Lotus Foods Rice Ramen (T)

Quinoa (T)

Beans (pinto, black, Navy etc) I always buy canned from Eden Organics (T)

Canned or boxed coconut milk (for making curries) (T)

Canned organic tomatoes, diced, (T)

Canned pumpkin, for baking (T)

Raw Nuts: Cashews, almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts (T)

Raw Almond butter (T)


Raw Wedderspoon Honey (T)

Crofters Fruit Spread (T)

Olives (T)

Capers (T)

Skinny & Co coconut oil (Love this brand)

Olive oil (T)

Avocado oil – La Tourangelle is my favorite (T)

San J Tamari sauce (in place of soy sauce) (T)

Apple Cider Vinegar (T)

Protein/Granola bars – my current fave brand is Soul Sprout (check them out!)

Tea, Teechino, and Four Sigmatic Coffee Blends (T)

Hilary’s Eat Well burgers (one of my favorite veggie burgers)

Taco Shells (T)

Himalayan Sea Salt – Hepps is my fave brand

Bare Dried Fruit snacks for the whole family!

Enjoy Life Snacks (mini cookies, gluten-free chocolate etc) because me family are obsessed!

Head’s Up: My Gourmet Healthy Food Box launches at the end of October. A bunch of these foods are going to be in that box! As you know, they sell out ridiculously quickly – so get your name down on the waiting list NOW!















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