Beauty Berry Ice Cream

Beauty Berry Ice Cream
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This beauty berry ice cream is like nothing you’ve ever tasted! Can you believe there is an ice cream that is not only one of the best you’ve ever tasted, but is actually a beauty food?

I have the pleasure of sitting down with Sage and AnnaBlanca from Addictive Wellness for a Facebook live stream last week. We chatted about health and super foods because they know more than anyone I’ve ever met about the intricacies of these foods. Then we made this extraordinary ice cream.

It contains healthy fats for gorgeous skin, hair and nails. Pearl Powder is an ancient Chinese secret for gorgeous skin. You also get a bucket load of anti-oxidants. And, finally, you get adaptogens, which are plants that help you body to adapt to outside stress.

It is sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Who said you can’t have treats the Sophie Way????


12 oz Frozen Organic Raspberries
4 oz Frozen Organic Blackberries
2 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds
1 Tablespoon Lucuma Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Pearl Powder
4 Dropperfulls Goji & Schizandra Drops
1 Tablespoon Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil (C8 Caprylic Acid MCT)
1 Tablespoon Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
20 drops Omica Organics Vanilla Liquid Stevia


Add all these ingredients in a VitaMix blender and use the tamper/plunger to aggressively force them down into the blade until it is nice and creamy!

Top with chunks of Addictive Wellness chocolate to take this WAY over the top!


Sophie Uliano is New York Times best-selling author and leading expert in the field of natural health and beauty, who takes a down-to-earth approach to beauty focusing on what's truly healthy. Join my masterclass to get started.