The Science Behind Sophie's Myth-Busting Part 2 - Sophie Uliano


The Science Behind Sophie’s Myth-Busting Part 2

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Ta da! Here’s the science behind my myth-busting as promised. During my online workshop, we unpacked 3 or 4 myths, and I wanted you to have the actual studies in case you’re interested in digging deeper.

Soy and Breast Health

In my workshop and cheat sheets, I explain how soy has been given a bad rap when it comes to breast cancer. And ironically, where most people think they have to avoid soy – it’s actually been found to be protective against breast cancer. Here are just 4 studies.

Study One

Study Two

Study Three

Study Four

I also recommend picking up a copy of Dr. Christie Funk’s book, Breasts – The Owner’s Manual.

Soy and prostate cancer

Bone Broth

It’s important you take into consideration the risk of lead poisoning when it comes to adding bone broth to your diet.

Study One

Avoid bone broth made from beef, lamb or pork because of Neu5Gc, which is potentially harmful to your health.

The idea that the collagen in bone broth translates to collagen in your skin is impossible. When ingested, collagen will be broken down into amino acids, which are used throughout the body as needed.

A better way to build collagen in your skin is to eat dark leafy greens, which are a rich source of collagen building blocks, and unlike bone broth, contain additional nutritions.