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I love Spring Cleaning – It is truly, one of my favorite times of the year. Tiding your home not only is great exercise, but it allows you to get rid of items you no longer need and sweep away the grime of the year.


I like to set aside a whole morning (or sometimes longer, depending on how much I tackle) to really get stuck into it, however, you know me – it’s got to be 100% non-toxic. There is absolutely no way that I’m going to put myself or my family at risk of breathing in toxic fumes, and trust me – most commercial cleaning products are full of them. Examples of some of these chemicals include: Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Benzalkonium Chlorid, and 2-butoxyethanol.


I love the feeling of a clean home. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve lived in your home a long time – “stuff” of all shapes and sizes accumulates. From dust in those hard to reach places to that bag of old clothes you put in the garage four years ago – it starts to add up. I’ve found a solution that not only helps me maintain my sanity, but also helps maintain a “healthy” home. I always clean with the intention of eliminating grime and unnecessary “stuff.” Of course, always recycle wherever possible. The Humane Society would love your old pillows and blankets. Schools are always in need of books at all levels. Shelters are in desperate need of personal toiletries like the ones from hotels. Larger furniture can go to GoodWill.


I have some spring cleaning tips for you, as well as product recommendations to make the process easy, healthy and efficient!

1) Clean your pillows, cushions and comforters with sunlight.

Dry cleaning your pillows, cushions and comforters can be SO expensive (and could potentially expose your family to harsh cleaning chemicals. My advice: Take them outside, give them a good bashing and lay them in the hot sun – Which is an amazing disinfectant. Plus, your pillows will smell AMAZING.


2) Consider what you’re cleaning your home with!

Instead of reaching for paper towels while you’re cleaning, use old rags (which can be watched and reused – I’m using cloth napkins and old t-shirts) or a sustainable option like the ones from If You Care (https://www.ifyoucare.com/). I love reusable paper towels – They’re recycled, compostable and they work GREAT. Not only do they hold a ton of water with no ripping, but you can disinfect them with a quick run in the microwave. If sponges are more your style, If You Care’s sponges are to die for. I get so disgusted by sponges (not only are the gross, but I hate throwing them away), so this reusable, washable option makes my heart sing.

And of course, remember an eco-friendly trash bags throughout your whole spring cleaning binge! If You Care have the best option, in my opinion. You can get all their products online, or at your local store!


3) Make your own cleaning products – Cleaning solutions are the easiest DIY.

Here are the magic three ingredients: Baking soda, table salt, and white vinegar. I keep large quantities of each – Not only are the tremendously inexpensive (you’ll save SO much money) but they work so well. There are many combinations of these three ingredients that target specific needs, check out some of the videos below for specifics. And, you can always add essential oils if you miss the smell!


4) Vinegar + Microwave is the secret

Heat a few cups of vinegar in the microwave for 90s and use the hot solution (don’t forget gloves) to target tough spots!


And of course, you can always download my Spring Cleaning Guide for even more tips and tricks!

Here are more videos to assist your cleaning experts!


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