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Since this Earth Day (2018) marks the 10 year anniversary of my first book Gorgeously Green, I am galvanizing my community to re-commit to going green with EASY steps.

The first place I look to when thinking about green living is my kitchen. Aside from my bedroom, I spend at least 3 hours of everyday futzing around in my little kitchen. And everything I touch and use has to be eco-friendly. It just doesn’t feel right anymore to be using any products that harm the planet, such as paper towels made from virgin wood (to give them the fluffy feel), or aluminum that isn’t made from recycled materials. I have zero interest in using trash bags made from more plastic  – Noooooooooo! I just want to use products that protect our planet PERIOD.

I get it that it’s not always easy to find alternatives. However, If You Care, makes it really easy for us to go green in our kitchens. They have everything  – and I mean everything that you need: From eco-gloves, to reusable “paper” towels, sponges, and even trash bags – they have us covered.

Here are some easy swaps you can make right now:

Ditch “virgin” paper towels for good – Fluffy, disposable paper towels are SO 1980s. Go for If You Care’s Reusable Paper Towels ($8.99 for 12). Made in a patented process from a three-dimensional blending of cellulose, non-GMO unbleached cotton and mirabilite – a natural mineral salt – These paper towels are exceptionally absorbent, reusable and easily disinfected. Seriously, 30 seconds in the microwave and the paper towel is good to go again and again.

Swap out your yellow rubber gloves for green – If You Care’s Household Gloves ($3.89 per pair) are made from FSC Certified latex, i.e. the natural rubber is sourced from a responsibly managed plantation. Furthermore, the rubber tappers, who cut the bark to get the raw material flowing, have received a fair trade premium, and it is their decision how to spend their extra income.

Make less garbage with If You Care’s Recycled Trash Bags (), made from a minimum of 89% recycled post consumer material. If You Care Recycled Trash Bags have the highest amount of post consumer recycled material available on the market, and help reduce CO2 emissions, petroleum consumption and landfill waste.

I love a blanket brand recommendation like If You Care because it makes shopping for home care so easy. Just look for their phenomenal packaging and their gorgeous tree and you know you’re in good hands.

Also, if like me, you are a cook and /or passionate baker, If You Care carries eco-friendly parchment paper, aluminum foil and the whole nine yards – even paper cake and pie pans.

So, why not celebrate Earth Day 2018 by picking just one item in your kitchen that you’re going to switch out? And let me know which item it’s going to be. Let’s fire up our inner eco this year and take it all a step further.

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