Completely Renew Your Skin In 3 Easy Steps

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Spring is a time of renewal, right? It is by far my favorite time of year. I love to wake up and see tiny green leaves appearing on the huge Ash tree in our front yard, which has been bare since October. I love to wake up really early to hear the dawn chorus, I love to start each day with a prayer of renewal: “This is a brand new day, help me to start again, fresh, open and receptive to your message and purpose for my life.” I feel full of hope in the Spring. And, let’s not forget our skin! Spring is a perfect season to think about sloughing off all those dead skin cells, and renew our natural glow. You might have gotten a bit stuck in your skincare regime – we all do! You might be feeling that your skin is a little lackluster – If  so, my friends, here’s how to completely renew your skin in 3 easy steps.

  1. Peel: I highly recommend a peel. Not a chemical peel (hate those!), but a natural peel. And, I have to say that one of the few all-natural products that works better than it’s synthetic counterpart, can be a peel. A good peel works to dig down down into the upper layers of your skin and dissolve what doesn’t need to be there anymore. Think of a peel as an super duper deep exfoliation. If you think it’s time for a peel to deal with sun damage and lackluster skin, I recommend doing it once a week for 6 weeks. This way you’ll have fresh, shiny skin in time for the Summer. Out of all the peels I’ve tried, I’m going to recommend Sunshine Botanicals Pumpkin Power Peel System. It’s a 3-step system that will revitalize tired, dull skin. It also dramatically helps with age spots and sun damage. I have just done this peel for the past month, and people are already commenting on my skin! You get a pre-peel cleanse, the actual peel, and the post peel serum in the kit. There is enough to last me for at least 2 six-week peels, so it’s actually really good value. In a pinch, you could also make your own peel by juicing half a papaya, and one cup of pineapple (saturate a cotton pad in juice, apply to skin, leave for 15 minutes, and rinse).
  2. Deep Exfoliation: Part of your skin renewal process needs to be exfoliating daily using a really good ALA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). There are many different acids that will safely exfoliate your skin, but you generally want to look for an AHA or a BHA (if you have very oily skin). You can use your AHA product at night before your retinol product (YES, you can and should use both!). I highly recommend Kypris Clearing Serum, which is simply gorgeous, yet packs a powerful punch. A little goes a long way, so you only need a few drops. I also love Ursa Major Face wipes, which contain both AHA and BHA, which is great if you tend toward oily skin/breaking out.
  3. Super Serum: Serums are great way of booting your skin with nutrients. They can really help to nourish and renew your skin. Check out some of my DIY skin serum recipes, or if you want to splurge, here are my absolute favorites: African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum (OMG – this is the bomb!!) – It contains a complex of Retinol, Resveratrol, Swiss Garden Cress Liposomes, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides. Trilogy Nutrient Plus Firming Serum – this is a beautiful serum for those who perhaps don’t want to use Retinol, and want something a little more gentle.

I know that some of the products that I’ve recommended are pricey, but it’s WAY less than spending your hard-earned money on a peel or facial at the derm, day spa, or salon (no tip required). I’ve realized that my money is way better spent on really good quality products that pack a punch, rather than a one-time treatment that I can do just as well at home!

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