Meat-Free Challenge Week!

Meat-Free Challenge Week!
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Thanks so much for all of you who signed up for my ONE-A-WEEK challenge. We are going to have a lot of fun, and my only desire is that you get what you want, which I hope is, to feel 100% on top of your game in every way possible.

This week is about eliminating meat. If you’ve already done that, then I encourage you to sign a family member or friend up for this challenge.

So why meat? Why should we even think of giving up meat? There are so many questions here that I am going to address my top 6 at the end of this post. But for now, I want to keep it really simple:

Until a couple of years ago, I ate meat (very “healthy” grass-fed/organic blah blah), because I was raised with the understanding that meat was good for you, and because I kind of felt that I really did need it for the protein no matter what I was told otherwise. I scoffed at so many vegans because I focused on the people I met who didn’t look well on it instead of those who were thriving.

Then I began my studies in holistic nutrition. I’ve been studying nutrition for many years, but Holistic nutrition focuses on the whole person and the whole food, which is quite different from mainstream medicine and nutrition, which reduces everything down to it’s sum parts. I began to understand that meat really didn’t offer me any health benefits whatsoever, and that if I could easily get the protein and nutrients I needed from plants, why on Earth would I choose to eat dead flesh? Sure, cooked fatty food might taste good but fatty meat is a heart attack (not to mention cancer) on a plate.

Bring on the PLANT POWER please! Whole plant-based foods contain all the cancer fighting and fat storage inhibiting enzymes I need to look and feel my best inside and out.

THE GREAT FACT: Most meat leads to some kind of disease eventually. Whole Plants leads to optimum health.

So, my friends, this week is where you get to bring all the gorgeous summer veggies that are abundant in farmers markets and stores now into your home. This is the week that you’re gonna dial up your health! And it’s time to get creative. I will say that in order for a meat-free diet to be delicious (especially if you’re vegan too), you need to be willing to get into the kitchen and experiment. Check out my favorite plant-based cookbooks for ideas, and also the many vegan recipes that you’ll find on my blog.

One big tip: Make sure you eat enough! This isn’t about eating plates of greens and lettuce. You need to eat plenty of healthy starches such as sweet potatoes, summer squash, organic corn, beans, okra etc. Very important that you eat bucket loads of these healthy, satisfying foods so that you don’t feel you’re missing out. And BTW – if they are whole plant foods, you won’t gain weight.

If you haven’t already, grab a copy of Gorgeous For Good, because you’ll find over 50 vegan recipes in there too (great value for money because you get a ton of information and my full-on 30-day program).

Cos I know you’ve got questions, here are the most frequents ones I get, and if this still doesn’t answer your burning question, hop onto Facebook and leave me a message.

Good Luck this week – grab your friends and family to sign up for the challenge (it’s not too late), and please send me lots of feedback via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc on how you are getting along.


1. What about getting the protein I need? I’m afraid I won’t get this from a plant-based diet?

Americans are obsessed with protein, and we actually eat way too much of the stuff. I think it’s because we think we’ll get fat without enough chicken breasts or lean turkey slices. Not true guys! Protein is composed of 20 amino acids, 8 of which are essential, meaning we have to get them from our diet. The American Dietetic Association states that when a variety of plant foods are consumed over the course of a day, they will provide all of the necessary amino acids. “Variety” is the key word here. If you just subsist on rice, potatoes, and a few beans, you will not be healthy.  But if you fill your plate with all kinds of different plants, you’ll get what you need – easily!

How much protein should I actually consume a day? Around 29 – 35 grams is a good goal (unless your are pregnant or an athlete where you may need a bit more) – so check out this infographic to see how easy it is to reach your protein needs:


2. How can I possibly eat all those veggies in one day? I work and travel – it’s just not possible.

Hello – SMOOTHIES??? If you look at the graphic above, you’ll be able to count 11 foods that you can toss in your morning smoothie. If you’re on the road a lot, a Nutribullet really doesn’t take up too much room, and you can whip up one an incredible super food smoothie every morning. Plus, you’re not just getting the protein in that morning nectar, you’re also getting anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals (not so with bacon and eggs!).

3. Why do some vegans look terrible?

Because being vegan in of itself isn’t necessarily healthy. You can stuff yourself full of vegan cookies, muffins, chips and junk food and that isn’t going to do you one single favor. I prefer to think of myself as “non animal flesh-eating” instead of “vegan”.

4. Does it have to be all or nothing?

Nooooooo. I’m all for cutting back if you don’t want to go the full distance. My husband and daughter eat a bit of meat here and there. I am not a zealot. And I certainly never force anyone to my way of eating/living. This is why I created the ONE-A-WEEK challenge for you… I figured that asking you do give up something for just one week was doable.

5. I am allergic to soy – is that an issue?

It’s easy to be vegan without eating soy – just check out some of the foods above.

6. Won’t I feel hungry?

You will actually feel LESS hungry because you’ll be eating way more fiber on a plant-based diet, and it’s fiber that fills you up and keeps the hunger pangs at bay. I encourage you to eat as many Whole Food Plant Based foods that you can on your plate (and seconds if you want too!).


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