How To Get Thick Healthy Hair After 50

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How to get thick and healthy hair after 50, especially when your hair is starting to thin post menopause! I show you exactly what foods you need to eat to promote healthy hair growth. Also what shampoos and conditioners I like best.

You don’t need to take hair-growth supplements unless you have alopecia. If you do suffer from alopecia, you may need to look into a biotin and/or zinc supplement. But I recommend getting your blood levels checked for this micronutrients, before supplementation.

Who Shouldn’t Eat Soy

I highly recommend using a filter on your shower head (or a whole home water filtration system), which removes chlorine from your water. Chlorine can be extremely drying to your skin and hair and can fade color fast!

Chlorine Removal Shower Head

Products I mentioned – you can get 10% off all Bogavia products using the code SOPHIE10

Bogavia Strengthening Shampoo

Bogavia Hair Treatment

EvolvH Hair Care products Use coupon code SOPHIE15 to get 15% off all products.

Plaine Products

Anne Marie Travel Shampoo and Conditioner (LOVE)

Cria Hair Growth Products

As promised, here’s a list of non-toxic hair dyes for you to be getting on with:

Dp Hue Blonding Brush

At Home Hair Dye

Palette By Nature

Surya Brasil (great hair care products too)

It’s Pure Organics (Great UK Brand)

Madison Reed

Ayurvedic Hair Dye




Tints Of Nature (Semi-Permanent Henna Cream and Bold Colours are free from PPD/ PTDs )

Pro-Salon Brands

Natulique (ammonia-free, 0.01% PPD)

They have an ammonia-free hair lightener, which is fantastic for blondes

NATULIQUE – Natural Hair Colour – Professional Hair Dye

Ammonia-free highlights

O&M Hair Color (formulated without PPD)

Original & Mineral CØR.color

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