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Hello Gorgeous Retreat
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I am still high, and I mean really high from our first Wellness Retreat in Miami, which has just ended. I want to be back in Miami with all the beautiful women who attended…feeling that love, support, and energy that we created together. There’s something about a group of like-minded women coming together to do our inner work, that makes us a tremendous force for good.

It was my dream to create a retreat, where Mel and I (my partner), could whisk away a group of women for a long weekend. From personal experience, I knew that I can only create deep and lasting change, by retreating away from my regular life. Family, kids, dogs, work, and everything else, need to be put on hold. This is ME time. It’s precious time, which isn’t selfish. On the contrary, because I can only really take care of others, when I take care of myself. I have to have something to give.

Unfortunately, most of us are burned out. We want change either because we’ve have had a massive wake-up call, or because we’re just a bit fed up or a little disappointed with how our lives have turned out. Diets and fitness programs didn’t work out long term, dreams kind of dissolved in the hard work and tedium of keeping our lives together. And then we ended up not really living the best versions of ourselves, right? But, I believe that it doesn’t have to be this way.  I believe that by taking a bit of time out, bonding with other women, learning self-care techniques, and working through our simple Hello Gorgeous process, you can totally re-boot your life. And more importantly, you can create changes that last.

This is the ultimate goal of the Hello Gorgeous Wellness Retreat: To help women create a healthy and gorgeous lifestyle that will survive the chaos of regular life. It’s also our intent inspire attendees to get in touch with her intuition, and to act on it so that she can become the force for good that she wants to be. Too often we come back from cleanses, yoga/meditation retreats, and spa weekends with all kinds of good intentions. We feel amazing for a few days, but a week back into kids, work, and day-to-day pressures, things start to fall away. We begin to slowly let go of those good intentions (because they are HARD to stick) to, and a month later, we’re back to our old ways. And thus we set ourselves up to fail. The difference with the Hello Gorgeous Retreat is that we want you to have lasting change (actually we insist on it!), and we hold you accountable to that. We get to know you during the retreat, and we won’t let you off the hook! We provide a safe and private Facebook group for attendees,  where we can support and cheer each other on for life.

My point is that after our Wellness Retreat, we don’t leave you hanging. Once in, you’re in for life.

If you’re interested in up-coming retreats, let us know, and you’ll be the first to know because spots are always very limited. And to the alumni of Hello Gorgeous Miami 2017, we f’ing LOOOOOOOOOOVE every single one of you.

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