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One of the things I love about Los Angeles are the literally countless options you have for where and how to workout. Love hiking? You’re never more than 20 minutes away from a hill with an amazing view. Prefer a jog? Why not job along the houses designed in Hollywood’s golden era – First it feels like you’re running through Spain, then France, then America’s south. Want a class taught by a world-class instructor? Then you’re in luck. Where you workout says a lot about you, actually. Spin, yoga, TRX, crossfit … In this town, they all have different personality connotations. Personally, I’m a pilates NUT. Whether on a mat with a few props or on the reformer working muscles I never knew I had, it was love at first sight with me and pilates. Which is why I feel so lucky to have found Platinum Pilates, my home-away-from-home. With four studios in LA, I feel like I’m in amazing hands with Heather Dorak, the founder of Platinum Pilates, and her team.  Heather opened her first studio in Hollywood 10+ years ago and just expanded to Texas, with her sister in charge. Heather’s journey to pilates and then to a business woman #girlboss is really inspiring, I’m so excited to share our interview below!



Sophie Uliano: What got you interested in pilates in the first place?

Heather Dorak: I started dancing at a very young age. Dancing quickly became my life. Dancing was a priority over anything else in my life. It engulfed me so much that I became a bit too obsessed with trying to have the perfect dancer’s body. Down spiraling quickly, I found myself dancing for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t until I got an injury from dancing and had to choose a different path. My doctor recommended that I try out Pilates, I fell in love immediately, opened my first studio and then 3 more, and here I am today.

SU: What makes the mega former different from classical pilates?
HD: A lot of people like to say that the Megaformer is a classic pilates machine on steroids. But really it is a modernized version of a classic pilates machine by adding some more bells and whistles to make it more versatile with the ability to use it in thousands of different ways.
SU: Can everyone do this kind of pilates?
HD: Absolutely, pilates is for everyone. Whether you are brand new to working out, veteran, pregnant, just had a baby, have an injury, male, female, whatever you are you can do pilates.
SU: Your body is so gorgeous and strong – how long did it take you get it this way??
HD: The foundation of my body I credit to my discipline with dancing. What pilates made me learn is that it isn’t all about how skinny I can be, but about how strong I can be. Being strong while still feeling like me has been the greatest realization.
SU: What is your overall philosophy towards fitness?
HD: It is important to get into a mindset where fitness is something you enjoy and not torture. If it feels like torture then you should try something else to keep you active and healthy.
SU: Let’s say I’m brand new to pilates – I’ve never even stepped onto a yoga mat. What’s your first piece of advice for me?
HD: It will seem very challenging at time, it may even feel impossible at times but I promise you can do it just like everyone else.
SU: If you could give one fitness tip to women over 40, what would it be?
HD: Just because your body isn’t 20 years old anymore doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just may mean you do it a little differently.

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