Clean, green summer skin Rx
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Just as much as our diet changes with the seasons, so should our skincare. This is why I’m excited to share my Clean Green Summer Skin Rx with you.

Proper cleansing: It’s important that you deep cleanse during the summer months with products that will help to brighten your skin, and refine its texture. I recommend my two-step cleansing process. This works for almost all skin types.

  1. Use an emulsifying cleanser to melt your makeup and remove it, without drying out your skin. For this step I recommend Sunshine Botanicals PreClease & Detox or
  2. For this step you want to refine by using a cleanser, which contains natural exfoliating acids. I recommend Marie Veronique’s Treatment Cleanser, or Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Gel Cleanser.

Toning: Although toning is optional, it’s a step that you might want to add during the summer months because it’s not only refreshing, but toners are astringents, which help to tighten skin and remove sebum, which clogs pores.

I like to make my own toners because it’s one area in which I can save money. Try my DIY Aloe Rose Toner.

Morning Serum Boost: It’s even more important during the summer months that you boost with a Vitamin C serum, which contains anti-oxidants. Remember the Vitamin C serum is going to help to protect your skin from UV damage, whilst building collagen. I recommend either MyChelle’s Perfect C Serum (BTW – if you buy any sun care item from then now, you get a deluxe size of this serum free!), or  the amazingly potent Vitamins C, E, and Ferulic serum by Marie Veronique  If you are on a budget, you can make your own.

Evening Serum Boost: I recommend using a retinol serum at night straight after cleansing. This will help increase cell turnover, and help to thicken your skin, which thins as we age. I recommend MyChelle’s Remarkable Retinal Serum, Pure Ceuticals Retinol and Lactic Acid Resurfacing Serum, or Marie Veronique’s Gentle Retinol Night Serum.

Moisturize: I like extra moisture in the summer, but for you, that will depend on whether you live in a humid or dry climate.

Dry Climate: I recommend Chandanni’s Face Grace (and a big HEADS UP – this product is in my upcoming Sophie’s Picks Beauty Box!!!)

Humid Climate: Sunshine Botanicals Cellular Firming Cream

Protect: You need a great broad spectrum mineral sunscreen. Here’s what I recommend for your face, neck and chest: Suntegrity’s 5-in-1 Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, MyChelle’s Sunshield SPF 28, and they also have a Sunshield Stick SPF 50 (that’s in my upcoming beauty box too!!!). Or if you want a BB cream that’s as light as a souffle, and which offers around SPF 30 broad spectrum protection, look at Sunshine Botanicals Total Eclipse BB cream.

I’m also obsessed with 100% Pure’s Yerba Matte Mist SPF 30 for spritzing over my neck, chest, arms, and hands before I leave the house in the morning.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations and tips that will really help to keep you hydrated, protected and glowing all summer long.

Most Important Tip For Gorgeous Healthy Skin: Up your water intake! Try to drink about half your body weight in ounces of filtered water daily.

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