One A Week!

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I’m kicking off a brand new series called: “One A Week” – this is just one action to take each week to lead you to a healthier and happier way of life. I realize that I throw a LOT of information at you, and sometimes this can be overwhelming: I’ve got to eliminate sugar, dairy, gluten, meat and start exercising every day…WHAT!!!!!!! So to keep this real simple, I’ve decided to break it down and invite you to try just ONE new thing a week. This week it’s giving up dairy. Anyone can give it up for just one week, right?

Why the heck should I give up dairy?

Hormones: Unless otherwise specified, dairy products will contain growth hormones – yuck!

Clear Skin: I’ve seen it time and time again – when friends give up dairy, their dark circles and breakouts lesson or disappear completely.

Stronger Bones: Strange as it may seem, dairy products can actually make your bones weaker. This is because dairy is  an  acid-producing food. When our blood is acidic, calcium is drawn from our bones to neutralize the acidity and make it more alkaline. This weakens the bones. You are much better getting your calcium from green leafy veggies.

Cancer Prevention: A study has shown a strong connection between dairy consumption and ovarian cancer. There have also been studies connecting prostate cancer to dairy consumption.Feeling 100% better: Many of us develop an allergy to dairy (particularly milk), which makes us feel bloated, sluggish and even nauseous. Also, most dairy products (unless you are buying organic raw dairy), contains a protein called Beta Casein Type A1 – this has been associated with heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

So there you have it my friends – why not just try giving the white stuff up for one week and see how you feel. And just when you think you might be hard done by, check out the plethora of uber-yummy dairy-free yogurts, cheeses, ice creams, butters and everything else that you can find in virtually every single grocery store.

BTW: My guilty pleasure are the desserts at Cafe Gratitude (pictured above) – the Mud Slide pie is off the charts!



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