DIY Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair

DIY Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair
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One of the most popular topics of discussion over here at Gorgeously Green headquarters is hair! Hair loss, hair growth, hair strength, we talk about it all! So, when asked, I created this SUPER simple DIY Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair. Chances are you already have most of the ingredients in your home – the hallmark of a great DIY!

I love using coconut oil in my hair. It can penetrate the hair shaft leaving your hair really shiny. I always recommend to particularly focus on the ends of your hair. Most hair doesn’t need too much moisture close to the root.

Ingredients for DIY Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair

Melt the coconut oil and evening primrose oil over a double boiler or just add to a heat-safe mug/glass and stand in a bowl of really hot water until the coconut oil liquefies. Add the remaining ingredients.

Apply to the lower third of your hair, massaging well into the ends of your hair. Leave it in your hair as long as possible for the best results.

If you don’t have one yet, you definitely need an All Cap. This is an amazing product, possibly one of my favorites of 2017, I really encourage you to check it out!


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