DIY Homemade Body Powder - Sophie Uliano

DIY Homemade Body Powder

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Today, I’m giving you a recipe to make your own lavender body powder that will keep you smelling fresh and clean. We’ve all heard the reports about how Talcum Powder may contain carcinogens, so this recipe is a simple alternative for anyone who is worried about their health!


*You can buy dried lavender buds online, or you can dry you own. If you do dry your own, make sure it is really dry before adding it to the mix! You can also substitute dried roses or dried chamomile (and add the corresponding essential oils).


Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender or a food processor, and blend until the lavender buds are powdered (they kind of disappear).
Carefully spoon into a jar – Or even better, pour it into an old talc container (because of the sifter lid), or a sterilized (pop in a bowl of boiling water for a few seconds to sterilize), spice jar with sifter lid.