How I Deal With Holiday Stress & Anxiety

How I deal with Holiday stress and anxity
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No one is immune from stress and anxiety. Unless you’re a spiritually enlightened being, it’s likely that you find yourself freaking out from time-to-time. Or maybe you’ve just gotten used to living with low-level anxiety most of the time.  But, it seriously ramps up at this time of year, right? The pressure to have a “happy” Holiday is enough to send many into a full-blown panic attack.

The fact that we are on our phones 24/7 adds, in my opinion, fuel to the anxiety fire. It might seem relaxing to kick back and scroll through our Facebook or Instagram feed, but it isn’t…at all. Have you ever noticed how you stop breathing when you’re scrolling through your feed?  Sit back right now and take a deep breath. Allow your shoulders to fall away from your ears. That’s better! I’ve noticed that when I’m fully involved in my phone, I’m about as far away from mindful living as it’s possible to be.

Life through or on our device, coupled with the pressure of having to be “ready” for the Holidays isn’t conducive to being at peace in any way shape or form. And yet the message of Christmas is “Peace and goodwill to all men”. So, I have a question for you: Do you want to really enjoy your Holiday weekend this year? It seems like a strange question, but many of us just want the whole darn thing to be over – The rich food, the sometimes awkward family dinner, the mandatory gifts, the extra work involved, the chaotic travel, and the list goes on. So, I invite you to follow my simple tips to find your inner calm and peace. This way you are in with a better chance of either enjoying every second of what might be a beautiful Holiday, or being better able to tolerate who push your buttons.

  1. Go for a long walk alone everyday of this week. Simply walking is sometimes the best meditation. I work out the kinks when I walk. I have a mental conversation with God, where I ask for guidance, tolerance and patience. I get my exercise, and always come back fortified. Even if it’s really cold out, wrap up with all your thermal layers, and get your limbs moving.
  2. Practice 3 or 4 yoga poses a day. Even if you don’t have time for a full yoga practice, you can do your own mini practice at home. I bet you know at least 2 poses! Roll out your mat, practice conscious breathing, and enjoy unfurling your body into a couple of these simple asanas.
  3. Make sure you are getting enough magnesium. Remember that magnesium is the calming mineral. When we are deficient, we can get more irritated, anxious, and jittery. I make sure I take my Natural Vitality Magnesium Calm on an empty stomach before I go to bed.
  4. Sip on green tea all day long. My favorite is Zen Tea Traders Zencha Sencha. Green tea contains L- Theanine, which helps to keep you calm, without a sedative effect. That’s one of the reasons why I LOVE green tea.
  5. Walk away! Tempers can easily flare over the Holidays. Family members can get extra stressed-out. The best lesson I’ve learned is to walk away and take a breath. This is especially useful if the dinner table breaks out into a heated political discussion. Restraint is the most useful skill I’ve learned – Especially when dealing with family.
  6. Essential oils: Diffuse some relaxing essential oils into your home. I recommend lavender, clary sage, geranium, and bergamot.
  7. If you feel a little traumatized by chaotic travel, and/or difficult family circumstances, arm yourself with Bach’s Rescue Remedy. It’s a homeopathic flower remedy, which has helped me so much over the years. It’s comes in drops, spray, pastilles, or pearls.
  8. Let go of expectations! If I let go of all expectations over the Holidays, I won’t be disappointed. I used to expect certain behavior of myself and others, and that certain behavior was in the “perfect” department! Letting go of expectations (aka “should’s”), is a relief. I can live and let live. I can allow everyone, including myself to be beautifully imperfect.


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