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What are the Wellness trends that we’re going to be hearing more about in 2017? “Wellness” in of itself has become a trend. I’ve seen it mushroom all over social media. Buddha bowls have replaced burgers, and on Instagram you’ll see way more Acai bowls than brownies & ice cream. A plant-based platter of food makes for a way more beautiful image than a huge hunk of meat, right? And green beauty is still on the rise, with yet another “green beauty blogger” appearing almost daily. I love to keep my eye on the trends, and especially pick out what I predict will the top 12 wellness trends 2017.

  1. Inflammation-fighting foods: This trend began to really ramp up in 2016 with turmeric being one of the most searched words in the wellness space. I predict that this trend is here to stay because scientific evidence shows us that low-grade, chronic inflammation is possibly the cause of many modern-day diseases. I think we’re going to see more people eschew meat, gluten and dairy (inflammatory foods), in favor of a whole food plant-based diet. Watch this space grow, especially in the vegan cheese/mayo category.
  2. Women-only Wellness Travel: As “self-care” has become a trending term, the growth of women-only wellness travel is beginning grow. I’m noticing the rise of deluxe yoga and meditation retreats. Also, plant-based retreats where you can learn to cook and completely change the way you eat. Yep – and in case you hadn’t heard, I am hosting my first ever Wellness retreat in January in Miami. The Hello Gorgeous Retreat Miami 2017 will hopefully be the first of many.
  3. Cupping & Crystals: New agey treatments such as cupping and crystal healing are becoming more mainstream. Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment where heated glass cups are placed on the skin to create a vacuum. This vacuum is thought to dispel stagnation, and can help with everything from aches and pains, to respiratory concerns. Swimmer Michael Phelps put cupping on the mainstream map when everyone notices huge purple marks all over his shoulders during the Rio Olympics. He also posted pics on Instagram of his cupping treatment. While there is controversy over the scientific claims behind this treatment, many athletes swear by it. I have tried cupping several times at my acupuncturist’s office, and have always felt better afterwards. Crystal Healing, which is often combined with Reiki Healing has seen a recent upsurge. And sales of healing crystal jewelry has gone through the roof. Although considered by medical professionals to be a pseudoscience, many swear that the crystals and/or Reiki healing played a big part in recovery from mental and physical illness. Whether or onto this is placebo, remains to be seen, but I love crystal and gemstone jewelry. And, I’ll spend hours discussing which stone is for what with anyone who’ll help me! Some of the most beautiful crystal jewelry is by The Sage Lifestyle in Los Angeles, where each piece is one of a kind.
  4. Ingestible Beauty: My prediction is that we’re going to see a many more powders, pills and capsules, which tackle beauty from the inside out. Even though pricey, brands such as The Beauty Chef, Moon Juice, and the British-based Equi, are posed to explode! A personal favorite is The Beauty Chef’s Glow Powder + Collagen Inner Beauty boost. We’re also likely to see a bunch of cheaper me-too products, but always be wary of quality. You need to know everything about the formulation: why is was formulated, the amount of every single ingredients, how the ingredients were sourced etc. This is one area where you need to do diligence.
  5. Healthy Fast Food: Healthy fast food in Los Angles is now the norm, and my prediction is that it’s only going to spread further around the U.S. and in Europe. Chains like Veggie Grill are always packed. It makes my heart sing that we finally have plant-based food that is accessible and affordable for most people. Chains like Sweet Greens are also growing like sprouts! You can literally run in and snag a delicious, customized salad or warm veggie bowl in under 5 minutes.
  6. Purple foods: According to Whole Foods Market, who examined consumer behaviour globally across 465 stores, our plates are going to look very colourful this year, with purple foods in particular expected to fly off the shelves. Whole Foods described the phenomenon as a “fast growing trend.” They said: “Richly colored purple foods are popping up everywhere: purple cauliflower, black rice, purple asparagus, elderberries, acai, purple sweet potatoes, purple corn and cereal. And like most of the trends I’ve outlined above, there is a good reason why it’s become a trend. In the case of purple food, the purple pigment comes from an antioxidant powerhouse called an anthocyanin…very healthy indeed!
  7. Booster Beauty Products: You can go into almost any juice bar and customize your smoothie or juice by adding a “booster” for energy or immunity. And, a few deluxe niche brands are offering booster series. The first to the party is Odacite’s incredible essential oil booster serums. The formulator, Valerie Grandury, has taken this concept to a place that I LOVE. “A Summer in Hossegor” serum has a super high concentration of Vitamins A, C, & E, and will help to fade sun spots and repair sun damage. The tiny bottle will last you a long while, because you can add a couple of drops to an existing moisturizer. Or, if you want full strength, you can massage a couple of drops into your face straight.
  8. Water-less Beauty Products: This is going to be a growing trend because over the years water scarcity is going to become the biggest global issue that we have ever faced. Clever beauty brands, especially in Korea (often way ahead of the game in beauty), are marketing rinse-less cleansers. And France was way WAY ahead of the game with their Micellar waters, which of course have become mainstream here. I do love Micellar water – It’s the one rinse-less cleanser that really leaves my skin feeling clean.
  9. Healthy Meal Service Delivery: It’s a trend that began in 2012, then took off. These services are now a $400 million market that’s projected to increase tenfold in the next five years, according to Technomic, a research and consulting firm for the food industry. Today there are more than 100 meal delivery services in the U.S., and new ones are springing up all the time. Many of these Meal Kit services market themselves by way of being a healthy, convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy your food. Some are healthier than others, and two plant-based services that I love are Sakara and Purple Carrot. There’s also a healthy one for kids and families called One Potato. They seem cost-prohibitive for most people, however, to their credit I will say that there is cost-savings to be made by the fact that you don’t waste anything. When I buy a hug bag of greens, or tons of produce, it’s likely that I will waste some. It’s also a great luxury for those who want to eat healthy, but who just can’t be bothered to figure it all out, much less cook the darn meal!
  10. Mindfulness gains momentum: 2016 was the year when “mindfulness” exploded. Mindfulness apps and books began to flood the market. There is clearly as desperate need for this practice, which has it’s roots in ancient Eastern teachings. As stress is on the rise, so is our need to slow down, and become more mindful. My prediction is that we’re going to see mindfulness getting more niche: Mindful Fitness, Mindful Eating, Mindful shopping, and Mindful Beauty. It’s not rocket science either. It’s simply a matter of turning off all your devices, tuning into your breath, and become aware of every detail of every moment that you experience. It’s basically the polar opposite of multi-tasking, which admittedly, I do enjoy! But unless I pepper my day with periods of mindfulness and/or mediation, I’m headed to an unhealthy place. Another interesting newbie to watch out for is Dream Meditation, where you watch a movie, which supposedly helps you to sleep better, and even create lucid dreaming.
  11. Bullet Journals: The bullet journal is a basically a customized planner, with symbols that you use for easy reference. It’s an analog system for the digital age. I love this system, and have pretty much stuck with it since I purchased my first “bullet” journal six months ago. I think the trend is gaining momentum because many of us prefer the muscular action of putting pen to paper. It seems less ephemeral than adding it to notes on a phone. The bullet journal is often characterized by little sketches, funny designs, personal doodles etc. Just check it out on Pinterest.
  12. Adaptogens: You’ve probably heard me go on and on about adaptogens, and how to include them in your diet. And now I’m beginning to hear it everywhere. Adaptogens are herbs or plants that help your body to adapt to stress. One of the most common is ginseng. Check out the Medicine Hunter’s full list and explanations.

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