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Fall Beauty Box
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Do you dare to go naked? And, when I say “naked”, I’m talking about your skin – your facial skin! The reason I ask is because it sometimes takes a bit of courage to go out sans makeup. Obviously, if you’re twenty with perfect, unblemished skin, you probably don’t wear foundation anyway. But, for those of us with a bit of sun damage and all those other lovely imperfections, we feel better with a bit of camouflage, right?

However, I have found that by using high quality, natural skin care products, I have been able to to improve my skin to the point of being able to go “naked” most days. Phew, what a relief not to have to plaster myself with foundation. And, honestly, thick foundation can be pretty aging anyway because it tends to highlight wrinkles.  Healthy skin, with a good texture, which glows from the inside out is always prettier – no matter your age.

The three makeup products that I do use, even on days when I go “naked” are: mascara, lip gloss, and a little concealer.

So, my lovely friends, you will freak out when you find out that all the products that I’ve gathered together for your Fall Beauty box, will help your skin get to the point where you will be perfectly happy to go out naked!

Here’s what you got in my Fall box:

Pour La Monde Envision Perfume:$85.00 I put this at the top of the list, because a spritz of the one and only certified-natural Pour La Monde perfume, will make you feel like a goddess. Not only the scent exotic and sensual, but this particular perfume gives a minimum of 5% of the net sales to The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Mychelle Perfect C Radiance Lotion: $45.00This awesome anti-aging cream is the latest out of the brilliant Mychelle Vitamin C range. I love that’s it’s now in a lotion, which delivers a hefty 12% punch of this vital ingredient, which builds collagen, and diminishes sun damage.

Tiffany Andersen’s Gavee Gold Liquid Gold Peptides:$150.00 Tiffany Andersen is a holistic aesthetician, and a stage 4 cancer survivor, who has created this awesome anti-aging line, containing powerful peptides to tighten and firm your skin.

Linne Refresh Face Mist: $36.00 This stunning mist contains wild crafted botanicals and hyaluronic acid, to keep you hydrated and blemish free all day long.

Water’s Edge Organics Rosewater Toner: $10.50 I just love this pure, organic toner, which should be used daily on your skin, after cleansing. It’s gentle enough for every skin type (even if you are super sensitive), and will balance your skin’s delicate pH balance.

Noo Trees Age Impact Wipes with Eco Dot Technology: $6.95 This wipes are beyond, and perfect for cleansing, especially on the road. I take a pack to work everyday (when on TV), so that I can remove my makeup, and deliver an anti-aging punch at the same time (contains aloe, Vitamin C, and Retinol!). Even better, they are made of bamboo so they are biodegradable and sustainable.

Hynt Beauty Nocturne Mascara (Black): $24.00 How wonderful to use a mascara, which lengthens and thickens my lashes, but that is also free of any harmful ingredients. It actually contains beautiful botanical ingredients to nourish your lovely lashes.

Lavera Glossy Lips (Powerful Pink): $20.00 I have been a huge fan of Lavera organic makeup for years. I actually know the founder/formulator, and she is a pioneer in this field. I begged her to add her Glossy Lips lip gloss in this special shade into my box,because it’s the one they almost always use on me on TV. It stays, is not sticky,  and it’s such a gorgeous pink. It contains jojoba, Sea Buckthorn oil and a host of other nourishing ingredients that you won’t find in your average lip gloss. It also contains a little mineral sun protection.

21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy (Focus):$29.00 You know that I go bananas over good quality aromatherapy oils? Well, if you’ve never tried 21 Drops, you will now. OMG – I adore this brand, and the roll-on “Focus” Blend is ALWAYS in my purse because in this day and age, with so many digital distractions, I need it!! I simply roll a little on my wrists and my temples and ahhhhhh – I can settle down and concentrate on the job in hand. It’s also a great help for meditation, and when trying to go within.

I am sorry to say that my box SOLD out within 2 hours of launching. If you were disappointed, don’t despair, I have many more boxes on the way. Stay tuned on my Facebook and Instagram, where I will give you plenty of notice of how to get on the priority waiting list:)


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