Burn Fat and Lose Weight with a HIIT Workout | High Intensity Interval Training At Home

HIIT Workout with Sophie Uliano
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If you’ve never tried a HIIT Workout (high-intensity interval training), you are in luck. Today, I am sharing my own personal HIIT workout. HIIT workouts are the best way to burn fat and raise your heart rate. Plus, this workout is designed for at-home fitness. Seriously, you can do this workout in your living room, which I love. It’s a full-body workout, designed to have you sweating – BUT, it’s less than 10 minutes. You’re going to love this fitness challenge! 

A HIIT workout is particularly important for women over the age of 45. As our hormone levels start to change, we need to adjust our fitness (and diet and lifestyle) to maintain optimum health. A HIIT workout provides the resistance training your body needs, as well as elevating your heart rate. I love working in at least two 20-minute HIIT workouts into my day if I can’t make it to a class or do a longer workout on my own. 

There are a few resistance-training tools I recommend for an at-home workout:

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