5 Father’s Day Gifts For Every Man

Father's Day Gifts
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I love to celebrate Fathers Day because my husband is literally (oooh – I hate that word and can’t believe I just used it) but he is LITERALLY the best Father, and for that reason he deserves to get loads of celebration.

I also have the most amazing Father: He is 90 years old, smart as a whip, works out everyday (has stronger abs and quads than me), and is one of the smartest and funniest men I know. Could I be any luckier?

But picking a gift is not so easy – even for these men I know so well. Here are some suggestions if you are scratching your head too:

Rav Power Solar Charger is awesome and the perfect gift for almost every single man – especially one who you just don’t know where to go with. It’s especially great if you live in an area where you experience a lot of power outages.


The Plant Power Way: This is a gorgeous coffee table/cookery book, which photos that just make you want to move in with this family in their uber-luxe Malibu home. Rich Roll, world renowned vegan athlete, co-authored this lifestyle book with his wife, Julie Piatt. Together they would make even the most hard-core carnivore want to go meat-free.


Eyeglasses Holder: I don’t know one single Dad who wanted want and need this.


Obey Dad T-Shirt – I love this T-shirt and all the Fathers Day shirts from this store. They are also great quality!


Incredible Experience Gift: Instead of giving your Dad or your husband something they don’t really want, what about giving them an amazing experience  – something they’ve always wanted to do: a hot air balloon ride, paragliding, sailing lessons, paddle boarding, or take your Dad on an extreme dream racing experience where you take him to a track (they have them across the country),  where he can drive an exotic car like a Lamborghini with you  – serious bonding, right?


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