4 Tips To Help Shrink Belly & Thigh Fat After 50

4 Tips To Help Shrink Belly & Thigh Fat After 50
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Here are 4 Tips To Help Shrink Belly & Thigh Fat After 50. Postmenopause is that time when hormones change, and so does belly and visceral fat storage, so it’s important that we talk specifically about “women of a certain age” when it comes to weight loss and fitness!

The 4 Tips To Help Shrink Belly & Thigh Fat After 50 are actually quite simple, but are a great reminder for everyone! 

  • Eat the right kinds of fats (even fats from the plant world)
  • Get rid of all sugars and processed foods (seriously, it’s time to bid them goodbye)
  • Get your adrenals checked out
  • Integrate resistance training into your fitness (I recommend a HIIT workout


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