Your Wellness Goals 2018

Wellness goals 2018
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In order to get on your wellness A game, it’s important to identify your wellness goals. And, I encourage you to figure out exactly what your top priority is. Wellness is a blanket term, which covers a vast range of topics. Nutrition, clean beauty, exercise and meditation are just some of the areas that I cover when working with a personal client. They all wind up tying in with one another, however, it’s imperative to know what your main concern is out of the gate. And once you identify your top “issue”, it’s a good idea to make that a priority. We can’t do everything at once because it’s way too overwhelming. And by taking on too much, we set ourselves up to fail. I would much rather you spend a little time thinking about one thing that you really need/want to address first. This will help you shape your specific wellness goals 2018.

Some of you might have digestive issues, in which case, that’s where you start. Others might be feeling sluggish and overweight – and that would be where you start. A lady came to me the other day who is going through chemo. She wants to detox her home – so you see, we all have very different priorities. So, why not grab a sheet of paper now, and identify 3 areas that you are struggling with, or that you know you want to improve. To inspire you, I’ll give you a list of examples. These are real examples from some of my recent health coaching clients.

  • Need more energy (a very common one!)
  • Want to give up sugar
  • Want to go more plant-based
  • Lose unwanted pounds
  • Address bloating and digestive issues
  • Reduce inflammation causing aches and pains
  • Get stronger physically
  • Sculpt my abs and butt!!!
  • Learn to meditate
  • Reduce chronic stress
  • Switch to green anti-aging products

I could list about fifty more, but I’m going with some of the more common ones. So, have a go at writing down your top 3. A prompt might be that it’s something you have struggled with for a number of years, it’s something you dream about getting a handle on, and/or, it’s something that really bothers and worries you. Remember, there’s no wrong or right. You might need to brainstorm a bit (on paper), until you get clear.

Now that you’ve made your list of three, it’s time to hone it down to just one issue. A recent client boiled hers down to wanting to lose 15 pounds and gain more energy. That’s simple and clear. Once she had clarity, we were able to create a plan for her. Another one of my clients wanted to heal her digestive issues. Even more clear and simple. Now, the solution is a little more complex, and rarely a quick fix deal. Moreover, the solution almost always encompasses a variety of actions. For example, the girl who wanted more energy/weight loss had to look at both diet and exercise. We also had to address her sleep issues. But at least we knew where she wanted to be.

In the ADD age in which we now live, it’s easy to be seduced by quick fixes, and to grab at straws. Moreover, if we hear about yet another health issue, that one might become one of our own pet issues! That’s what googling does, right? You go searching for “thyroid solutions” and end up thinking you’ve got some completely random disease. Or you search for bloating and wind up with 20 differing expert’s opinions. Identifying your top issue is the first step in taking control of your wellness, and moving forward. If you know what you want and need, you know what to ask for. And, more importantly, you know what you goal is.

In 2018, I’m going to be providing a myriad of different ways in which I can work with you, both personally, face-to-face, digitally, and in a group setting. There’s a lot of exciting stuff we’re about to announce. So, let’s get you prepared by knowing what your wellness goals are. More than anything, I’ve realized how much I love and adore working with you all. Seeing the light come on, seeing a fellow traveler lose unwanted pounds, get out of pain, find her purpose in life etc – These are the priceless gifts that I get to witness. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to be part of your journey:)


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