Splendid Spoon: The Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service I Actually Love

Sophie sits with some of her favorite Splendid Spoon products
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I get asked about meal delivery services a lot these days. Even before COVID and our current home-bound lifestyles, I completely understand the convenience and routine that meal kits and meal deliveries offer. Inspired by the requests of the Gorgeously Green community, and, if I’m being honest, my desire to try something new when I’m frankly bored of my cooking, I set out to find a plant-based, affordable, healthy option that I could recommend. And I found everything I’m looking for in Splendid Spoon.

Splendid Spoon was generous enough to gift me a box of some of their “greatest hits,” and I’m ecstatic to share my experience, thoughts, and preferences with you today!! Thank you, Splendid Spoon!!

Right at the top, I want to share the things that I loved on paper about Splendid Spoon.

Everything at Splendid Spoon is plant-based. What more do I need to say? Some meal delivery kits have “plant-forward” or vegetarian options, but it’ hard to find a delicious, completely plant-based option. Splendid Spoon over-delivers in the plant-based category.

The “frees” are so good: Splendid Spoon products are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, no sugar added … Love that list! And with TONS of information available on their website, you’ll be able to find soups, bowls, noodles, smoothies, shots, and MORE that fit your specifications and preferences.

They have a plan for everyone. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they have options in a range of affordable costs! This was huge for me – I’ve seen a lot of meal delivery options that tick every box but “realistic.” I want a meal delivery service to be practical, not just a treat. I love that Splendid Spoon has plans to fit nearly any lifestyle and budget. (And I’ve got an amazing deal for your first order – keep reading to find out more).

And, last but certainly not least: I love the food. Which is HUGE – Everything I tried from Splendid Spoon was delicious, and judging from my daughter’s reaction, many of their products are kid-approved. What a relief. With my daughter learning from home, and my husband and I both working from different corners of the house, it is such a joy to have fully prepped, healthy meal options that everyone can grab at their convenience. If I never hear “what’s for lunch?” again, I’ll be a happy woman.

I have to share some of my stand-out  favorites with you. Even as I unpacked the box Splendid Spoon so generously sent me, I fell head-over-heals for Green Goddess Quinoa Bowl. It was crunchy, it was citrus-y, it was the perfect lunch just waiting in my fridge (truthfully, the Green Goddess Quinoa Bowl didn’t make it to my fridge – I ate it almost straight out of the box, but you know what I’m saying). And the Sesame Noodle bowl was a huge hit as well – I had to share it with my husband because he was hooked after just one bite. And do not overlook Splendid Spoon’s smoothies – my daughter just asked for another round of the Raspberry Cacao Smoothie, and the Mint Chip Smoothie is my new go-to afternoon pick-me-up.

All told, I give Splendid Spoon 5 out of 5 stars. Plant-based, convenient, affordable, healthy … Splendid Spoon checks all my boxes. And, I have something great to share with you: when you click any of the links in this post, you’ll receive $25 off your first order with Splendid Spoon, making practical plant-based meal delivery even more reasonable.

So, get your first order of Splendid Spoon today! And be sure to come back and leave me a comment with your favorite find!!

I partnered with Splendid Spoon to create this review. Splendid Spoon generously gifted me with a selection of their products to create this review. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. You can read more of my reviews here

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