Mary Poppins Bag

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With the huge success of the recently released movie, Saving Mr. Banks, Mary Poppins is back in vogue – especially her carpet bag! I’ve always wanted a good, study carpet bag, and was never able to find one that was beautifully made. However, I was lucky enough to come across a wonderful company called Carpet Bag Replicas, and I found exactly what I wanted. These vintage-inspired (and definitely Mary Poppins-esque,) bags are made with love and care in the U.S. and the fabric choices are stunning. They are also collapsible, which is perfect for easy storage. The owner of the company, Elaine Thomas, handpicks her fabrics to create bags that have the look of bygone eras. Elaine sent me a bag (because I want to BE Mary Poppins,) that is made from a stunning fabric, which is reminiscent of a Victorian rug. I’m in love with it!

In my mind, every woman should own a good carpet bag – if well made, which Elaine’s bags are, it will last you a lifetime. They actually get better with age. As Mary P demonstrated in the movie, you can cram an awful lot into a carpet bag – yes, even a small potted plant! Check out Carpet Bag Replicas – you might find a bag that speaks to you – and if you do get one, LMK because I’d love to see which fabric you choose.

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