New Year Detox by Kaeng Raeng

New Year Detox by Kaeng Raeng

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Although not a huge advocate of full-on/starve-yourself cleanses, I do think that a good detoxing daily smoothie is a very good thing for practically everyone. Seeing as it is the New Year, it’s the perfect time to create a new healthy habit. Why not give the Kaeng Raeng vegan detox system a go. I love their smoothie mixes because:

1. They taste so delicious when mixed with a little rice milk or apple juice.

2. You can shake it up in seconds (when you can’t be bothered to drag out your juicer.

3. They are packed full of vegan Pea Protein, which if you are veggie/vegan, is a great protein

4. They contain live probiotics, which really improved my digestion.


More than anything this system is customizable: If like me, you just want a healthy start to your day, you can shake one up to drink with a healthy breakfast, and you are done for the day. However, if you want a full-on cleanse where you hope to shed a few pounds, you can go for their “veteran” or “master” cleanse, which involves 3 shakes a day.

I don’t like denying myself beautiful meals, and let’s be honest, diets NEVER work long-term. That’s why you are much better off adding, rather than subtracting. Add these shakes to a regular plant-based diet, and you will feel so much better, and less hungry – win/win, right?

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