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I came across these adorable ceramic travel mugs at my local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and snapped one up. It’s a double wall porcelain mug with a silicone lid and it keeps your drink super hot or cold.  I love to drink my tea and coffee out of porcelain – it feels a little more civilized than a paper cup, and tastes so much better. This mug is pretty enough to look adorable sitting on your desk! So check out your local coffee bean or buy online.

2 thoughts on “ECO FUSION TRAVEL MUG”

  1. I love these!! I have one I picked up in a gift shop in California and haven’t been able to find them since. I’ve seen plenty of knock-offs. I can’t find where they are sold and the only info on the bottom of the cup says “Eco Fusion”. I want at least one more. 🙂 Sadly, there is no Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf near me.

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