How to heal adrenal fatigue

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How to heal adrenal fatigue? And what are the symptoms of adrenal burnout?
Today, I am talking with the amazing functional medical doctor, Dr. Rachel West (learn more about her practice here: about how stress affects your entire endocrine system. Your adrenals are the glands that secrete stress hormones (more on this around the 05:00 mark in the video). In short, your adrenal glands are the part of your body that controls your fight or flight instincts, and most importantly cortisol. In this video, we talk about symptoms of adrenal fatigue, the effects of adrenal fatigue, how you can talk to your doctor about testing for adrenal fatigue, post-partum symptoms, how our bodies metabolize caffeine, weight gain, and general wellness tips we can all practice to keep our adrenal system healthy!

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Here are the tests that Dr. West recommends to ask your doctor to test your adrenal health:

– cortisol
-DHEA- sulfate
-low potassium (k+)

And some symptoms to look for are:
-low blood pressure
-sugar/salt craving
-dark circles

Supplements that Dr. West Recommends to balance adrenals:

*under doctor supervision*
-DHEA (no more than 10 mg for women)
-side “g” adrenals
-electrolytes all day

She also recommends:
-sleep aide
-fixing iron levels
-fixing cause of fatigue
-fix gut

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