How Can I Prevent Sleep Wrinkles?

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Jillian from Maryland asked me this question in an email a few weeks ago, and I have a perfect solution for her:

I met Dr. Goesel Anson on the Home & Family set a few weeks ago, where I participated in a segment about reducing facial wrinkles by sleeping on her special JUVEREST pillow. We get all kinds of experts and plastic surgeons on the show, so I wasn’t expecting anything to blow me away, however, her presentation of exactly how our skin wrinkles during the night, especially if you are a side-sleeper like myself, was compelling. Yes, I often woke up with a giant crease across my cheek, and absolutely know that my skin gets all bunched up around my eyes because I totally scrunch my face into my pillow – always have done!

So, Dr. Anson sent me home with one to try, and I was so impressed (also because it made my neck feel better), that I invited my seriously cynical husband to have a go. He’s kind of had it with my constantly revolving pillow menu, so he reluctantly dragged it over to his side of the bed with a huge sigh. Suffice to say that we ending up fighting over who would get it!

I also had my assistant (in her twenties), try one because she has a very stiff neck, as I’m sure most Millennials do from staring at their phones 24/7. She jumped for joy because although she’s not concerned about wrinkles, she hadn’t been able to find any pillow that she felt gave her neck and shoulders enough support when she sleeps on her side.

So, how does it work? Well, it’s pretty technical, but basically, your face (or the bits that crease), aren’t in contact with the pillow, and the same time, your shoulders and neck are held in perfect alignment.

It’s not an inexpensive pillow for sure, but I’ll always invest in something that will help take both the pain out of my neck, and the creases out of my face!

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