Get A Grip On Your Wellness In 5 Simple Steps

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Don’t wait for the wake up call to get a grip on your wellness! Over the years I’ve seen dozens of not-s0-fun wake-up calls. An unpleasant wake-up call is often the reason why people make their way to me. When we’re suddenly told that we need to rid our home and our diet of toxins, we head straight to Google, right? We start the long, laborious, and oftentimes confusing task of figuring out how on earth we’re going to clean up our diet and our lives. But let’s talk about PREVENTATIVE health care, instead of “sick care.” Let’s talk about how we can make simple changes in our lives right now (today if possible), which will heal, detox, and strengthen our body. NOW is the time my friends.

I want to keep this really simple for you today, so here are 5 steps to help empower you to get a firm grip on your wellness…because if you don’t, no one will!

  1. Start with one change: Studies have repeatedly shown that tackling one thing at a time will set you up to succeed. Think about your life. If someone was to ask you point blank, “what’s the most important wellness change you need to make in your life?”  – What would that be? If you know on a gut level that you need to clean up your diet, then start with one simple change and make that your challenge: Maybe give up dairy or meat for 30 days. Maybe try a green smoothie every morning. Just do that one thing for a 30 days,, and then you can build other healthy actions into your life. It’s like learning the choreography to a dance. You’ve got to master the first few steps before you can confidently move on.
  2. Do 3 yoga poses a day. I don’t care if it’s child’s pose, standing forward bend, and tree pose. But commit to a minimum just 3. Tip: Pick 3 poses that target the areas of your body that are tight. For most of us it’s hips, so a simple hip opener like thread needle or pigeon will be awesome.
  3. Walk, hike, or workout for a minimum of 30 minutes daily (an hour is better). To avoid the ravages of a sedentary life, we all need to commit to seriously moving the bod on a daily basis. Too hot out? Try a new DVD or one of the gazillion free You Tube workouts. Anything is better than nothing. Tip: you don’t have to do it all in one shot. You can do 10 minutes here, and 10 minutes there, as long as you get your heart rate up/break a sweat.
  4. What The Health film: I HIGHLY recommend this fantastic documentary, which is available on Netflix or you can stream it online. Gather a few friends and watch it together. I love it because it really spells out the huge issues we face in terms of the food that we eat in America. All my favorite docs weight in. A must-see.
  5. Make an investment in your “Wellness bank account.” Don’t wait until you’re forced into self-care. I know so many cancer survivors who say that they only started taking care of themselves properly, when they got diagnosed. That was their wake-up call. Start some serious self-love now. Go to a day-spa. Organize a girlfriend trip to someone lovely, or a trip into Nature with your partner. Or, come to my next Hello Gorgeous Wellness Retreat. It’s in October in Palm Springs, CA. This will truly be a life-changing event for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know to take care of yourself from the inside out. And you’ll become part of the “family” – once in, you’re in for life! I hope you can come.

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