Going Locavore

Going Locavore
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You may have heard of the term “locavore”, which describes someone who is trying to only eat locally produced food. It’s a really great idea. There are 3 big reasons to eat locally produced food>
1. It takes an average of 1,500 miles to get the food from the farm to your grocery store. That’s a lot of pollution going into our air.
2. When food has to travel a long way, it requires extra packaging for storage.
3. The nutritional content of produce greatly diminishes during the long transit and storage hours.
I make it my business to always think about where everything has come from. I am not an extremist, however, I buy locally whenever I can because on top of the reasons listed above, locally produced food always tastes better.
Here’s your challenge for today: when you’re in the grocery store, if you don’t see too much locally grown produce, ask to speak to the manager and tell him/her that you (and hundreds of people you know!!), would love to see this store carry more locally grown food. It will take you just a few minutes and your voice willbe heard.
Check out these two excellent websites:

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