My Tips For An Eco-Friendly Kid’s Birthday Party

Green Kid’s Birthday Party
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It is so easy to throw an eco-friendly kid’s birthday party. Not only will you feel good about the earth-friendly decisions you’re making, but eco-friendly decisions make throwing a party simple and fun.

The first concern is to reduce the amount of waste and this is how: Try not to use any paper or plastic tablecloths, cups, plates or cutlery. Instead, go to and purchase a set of their brightly colored cups, plates and cutlery. They are all made from recycled yogurt cups as they have a partnership with Stonyfield Farms. You can reuse them again and again and they are reusable. Well worth the investment. If you want to be a bit fancier, you may want to go to and purchase bamboo plates and cutlery. Bamboo is becoming very fashionable in the green scene as it is a renewable resouce. For younger kids, they carry a “spork” which is fabulous for birthday cake.

Instead of a tablecloth, find an old sheet and buy some non-toxic markers (available from most art stores). When the kids arrive, get them to decorate the cloth with drawings or birthday messages to your child. It’s something that the birthday girl/boy can keep forever. Always use cloth napkins. They don’t have to match, its a kid’s party and odd ones can look more colorful and fun.

Make sure all the food you serve is organic. You can buy delicious organic cake mixes from most large grocery stores, which will save you a lot of money. It’s also fun to get your child involved in designing and making their cake.

Goodie bags can be the most hideous waste of resources. They are so oftentimes a load of plastic junk in a plastic bag – all of which will end up in the landfill. Instead, you can give really thoughtful gifts that will last. If you are having a gazillion children, give them all a packet of seeds to take home and plant. Other ideas that I recommend are an organic t-shirt, a trowel and fork and some seeds, a cloth napkin wrapped around a bamboo “spork”, a pretty eggcup, or a coin purse made out of old juice boxes that you will find at

Creating an eco-friendly party will also give you the opportunity to teach your child about caring for the planet too. It’s a win/win: you get to help the environment and your pocket book.

5 thoughts on “My Tips For An Eco-Friendly Kid’s Birthday Party”

  1. Erin Cummisford

    Another idea to make your parties “greener” is to use flattened cardboard boxes to make signs, rather than buying posterboard. Also, I made a Hogwarts Express train and a Peter Pan pirate ship out of cardboard boxes that normally would have been recycled. The boxes got a fun, new life before they ended up in the recycle bin!

  2. Another amazing website to get eco-friendly party supplies is They have biodegradable disposable plates and cutlery made from corn or sugarcane or bamboo, depending on what you need. They also have decorations, placemats, goodie bags, favors, etc. I love their sugarcane ware and their reusable totes are SO cute!

  3. Have any ideas for a green 1st birthday for our son? I want to start teaching him the importance of being green as well as his friends and family!

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