Dry Skin Brushing 101

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It doesn’t really seem as if stroking yourself with a natural bristle brush will do anything significant in terms of health and beauty, right? WRONG! Dry skin brushing has been used for centuries by many different cultures, and had been part of an Ayurvedic ritual for even longer. Here are the benefits that you get from the friction incurred by dry skin brushing:

  • Gently exfoliates the layer of dry dead skin cells
  • Helps you to detoxify by stimulating lymphatic flow
  • Increases circulation


Which Brush Should I use?

The right kind of brush is imperative, because a too-hard brush could harm your skin. It’s like Goldilocks finding her perfect brush. It needs to be soft, but firm. I prefer the ones with an elastic handle for better control. My favorite is by Akamai


How Often Should I brush?

I would go for at least once a week. Ideally 3 x week. Everyday is a bit too much for some people.


When should I do it?

You skin needs to be dry, so I think the perfect time is before your morning shower. It will wake you up, and it feels great to get your circulation going before you even get into the shower. Strip off and do it in front of the mirror. You want to use long strokes that always aim towards your heart. Pay special attention to areas where there is a large concentration of lymph nodes (your armpits, back of your neck, groin, and backs of your knees). Remember that you are trying to stimulate your lymphatic system – get it moving!


Is there anyone who should not dry skin brush?

Yes. If you have dermatitis, broken skin, eczema or psoriasis, I would advise against it.


What should I do after brushing?

You can either massage warm sesame oil into your skin (not toasted sesame oil, but the kind you get from the skin care section of the health food store!). You can warm the bottle by placing it for a few minutes in a mug of hot water. Massaging yourself with warm sesame oil is deeply soothing, and may help to strengthen your immune system. You then get into the shower and wash with a gentle soap. You will not need to moisturize after gently patting yourself dry. A word of caution: Make sure you have a very secure shower or bath mat because your shower will get dangerously slippery. Also wipe out the shower stall with a spray and rag when you are done.

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