DIY Oil Pulling Melts Recipe

DIY Oil Pulling Melts
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Oil Pulling is a somewhat bizarre practice or oral health, which is getting a lot of Pinterest love because it’s one of those easy DIY’s, but one with very outlandish claims – most of which, aren’t validated by any sources that I would trust. However, the one thing that all the studies agree on is that Oil Pulling does help to remove oral bacteria, and thus give your bad breath a run for its money! It also does make your oral cavity feel very clean (so something in that for sure), and that’s the reason why I decided to make my DIY Oil Pulling Melts Recipe.

Oil Pulling was originally an ancient Ayurvedic technique. Performed with Sesame oil, it was thought to help balance anyone with a Vata imbalance. Since my Vata (if I’m to go with the whole dosha body type thing), is often way out of whack, I use sesame oil a lot. I use it as a body oil, and yes, for oil-pulling.

You can also use unrefined coconut oil, and it has the added benefit of being anti-microbial.

I will say that my mouth and teeth feel bizarrely clean and shiny after pulling with coconut oil.




  1. Heat the coconut oil in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes, or until melted.
  2. Remove and add the essential oils.
  3. Pour into molds (about 1 tbsp per mold) and leave in the fridge to set up for a couple of hours.
  4. Remove from molds and keep in Mason Jar in your fridge.

How To Use:

As soon as you wake up, before you brush or have breakfast, pop a melt in your mouth and allow it to melt. Once melted, swish it around your mouth, pulling it back and forth between your teeth. You want to do this for 3 – 20 minutes. At first it feels a bit strange, but you DO get used to it!

Do not spit it down the drain! It’s an oil and will clog your drain. Spit it into the trash.






  • Mix all ingredients in a small mason jar.
  • Use a Popsicle stick to scoop out of jar and place on your toothbrush


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