DIY Micellar Water For Cleansing & Toning Your Skin

DIY Micellar Water
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Micellar Water – A Refreshing Cleanser & Toner!

DIY Micellar Water is one of my recent favorite DIY’s because it’s so easy to make. I love to use Micellar water and a cleanser (in step two* of my cleansing process), and/or as a toner.

*I always do a 2-step cleanse at night. Step one is where I remove makeup, dirt, and grime. Step two is where I give my skin a second pass to make sure I’ve cleansed properly.


DIY Micellar Water uses just 4 – 5 inexpensive ingredients, so you can save some serious $$’s if you have a frugal streak like me!

Micellar Water is basically tiny “micelles” of oil, which are dispersed throughout an aqueous solution. It has its origins in France. And if you’ve ever been to a French pharmacy, you probably would have seen various iterations of Micellar Water. I’ve been a fan of Micellar water for many years.

You can purchase Micellar Water (aka “cleansing water”) from either a high – end beauty store such as Sephora, or the drugstore. The former will have you forking out over thirty bucks and bottle! You’ll obviously find it for way cheaper at the drugstore. Many of these formulations, particularly in the drugstore, can leave a lot to be desired. They can leave your skin feeling sticky and slimy – yuck!!!

So, have a go at making my DIY Micellar water. I think you’ll be very happy. And in the Summer months, keep your Micellar water the fridge. It will soothe puffy skin, particularly under your eyes.

Special Tip

If you do wake up with puffy eyes. Keep your DIY Micellar Water in the fridge. Cut a round cotton pad in half so you have 2 crescent shapes. Dip in the water, place under your eyes (carefully avoid your actual eyes), and lie down for 5 minutes

Your skin type?

It works for almost all skin types because it’s super gentle. However, if your skin is highly sensitive, you might want to patch test on a small area of your jaw, before using all over your face.


3 tbsp rose water

2 tbsp witch hazel ( I like this formula with aloe)

1 tsp vegetable glycerin

3 drops vitamin E oil (optional)

3 drops of rose or lavender essential oil


Simply mix the ingredients together in a glass jar.


Dip an organic cotton pad into the water, and swipe over your skin. You may need to go over 2 or 3 times.

I like to use it in the morning for cleansing (where only a very gentle cleanse is needed). And before applying my DIY Vitamin C Serum.


Use within a month, or store for up to 3 months in the fridge.

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