DIY Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets

Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets
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I’m obsessed with my DIY Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets. They are not only really pretty, but they provide a perfect way to diffuse your precious essential oils throughout the day. When I wear them, everyone comments on how lovely I smell (never a bad thing!), and I get to inhale the therapeutic effects of whichever oil or blend I have chosen.

These bracelets make perfect gifts too. There can run up to four hundred dollars in the store (Yep, I did find one for exactly $420 in a high-end department store, and you can make one for around eight bucks!)

So channel your inner DIY’er and let’s get started.


btw you can get almost all your supplies at Michaels Craft Store, and I am giving you the Amazon links below:

A couple of strings of 8mm unwaxed Lava rock beads

A string of semi-precious stones (I recommend Rose Quartz for healing self-love)

A packet of spacers

Charms and tassels (optional)

Stretch Magic


Either a single essential oil, or an essential oil blend – you do not need to dilute the oil. I do recommend using a dropper to drop onto each bead.


Measure out about 1 ft of stretch magic and cut

Apply a little tape to one end.

Begin stringing about 7 – 8 beads onto the cord.

Stop stringing,  and holding the taped end underneath the center of your wrist, measure how many more beads you need to come up to the center top of your wrist. If you are making it for a gift, go a little larger so ensure the bracelet won’t be too small.

When you reach the center top of your wrist think about the decorative spacers or different semi-precious beads you want to add.

Continue beading until you have an equal amount of beads on the other side of the spacer/beads.

Thread on your final spacers, charms and tassels.

Pull the stretch magic through so all the beads sit in the center of the length.

Snip off the taped end.

Tie off a knot (as you would tie off a balloon).

Snip off ends

Hide knot under a spacer.

Lay your bracelet on a paper towel.

Add one drop of your favorite essential oil to each lava bead.

Polish the shiny beads with a soft cloth.

Tip: Replenish the oils by adding another drop to each bead once a week.

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