9 Easy Ways To Save Money & Go Green Earth Day 2019

9 ways to save money and go green Earth Day 2019
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My first book, Gorgeously Green, launched on Oprah over a decade ago. A lot has changed since then. But “green” living has sadly turned into background noise. We kind of know we should recycle and avoid using too much plastic, but it that really going to make a difference? Some actions will be impactful, and some – not so much. That’s why I’ve put together 9 easy ways to save money and go green this Earth Day 2019. Each of these tips are small changes that make a big difference.

The #1 Thing You Can Do To Save Money & Go Green Earth Day 2019!

What is the most powerful action that you can take Earth Day 2019 to lessen your impact on Mother Earth? Might it be driving an electric car? Or, could it be covering your home with solar panels? Or maybe not driving at all! What about not taking anymore flights?

The #1 thing you can do to save money and go green this Earth Day is to dramatically reduce the amount of meat you eat. A large study was conducted in the journal, Nature. Researchers determined that a global shift to a “flexitarian” diet was needed to keep climate change even under 2C, which is the bare minimum needed. They recommend a flexitarian diet, which means the average world citizen needs to eat 75% less beef, 90% less pork and half the number of eggs, while tripling consumption of beans and pulses and quadrupling nuts and seeds.

And according to a new study at Oxford University, becoming vegan is the single biggest way to reduce our environment impact on the Earth.

Check out some of my delicious vegan recipes, and make sure you get on the waitlist for my next 31-Day Plant-Powered Challenge. Everyone who does this challenge feels 100% better after doing it. They lose unwanted pounds, gain energy, and find that all their bio-markers (cholesterol/blood pressure etc), improve.

2 – Stop Using Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

This is a no-brainer to save money and go green. Plastic pollution is a huge problem. Plastic water bottles are the third most commonly found item in the ocean. They account for 15% of marine waste. Only 14% are recycled. And the bottle tops cannot be recycled!

I recommend investing in some really great quality reusable water bottles. I love Hydroflask. They come in all shapes and sizes. The colors pop, and they keep your water cool for hours.

Now, here’s how you save money: Use your own tap water! Bottled water companies will have you believe that their water is cleaner and purer than tap water. This isn’t true. You can check your local tap water quality by going to EWG’s water database and plugging in your zip code. They will even recommend the right water filter for you.

Simply fill your reusable bottle with filtered water and you are good to go.

3 – Make your own lunch!

Making your own lunch does away with so much waste (bags, plastic cutlery, paper napkins, non-recyclable straws etc). I recommend a stainless steel PlanetBox.h I love that the compartments keep your food fresh and perfect.
Make sure you also get your reusable utensils and remember to take along a cloth napkin.

Also be sure to always take reusable straws with you. I love these sets by ecotribe, which come with a carrying case.


4 – Always Make Your Own Tea And Coffee At Home

4 billion cups from Starbucks and other coffee shops go to landfill every year because they cannot be recycled. I recommend taking your own reusable coffee mug with you.

Depending on how much coffee/tea you buy at the coffee shop, making your own at home can equal huge money savings. Even if you purchase one latte a day, making your own at home can save you upwards of thirty bucks a week.

I use my Hydroflask coffee mug – obsessed. I use it for hot coffee, tea, lattes, Matcha latte – anything warm.


5 – Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk can reduce packaging and save you money. I take along my own bags and/or Mason jars to the store. Tare your container before adding any food to it, so you are just paying for the food and not the container.

Bulk foods such as nuts, seeds, grains, pulses, granola, dried fruit etc is considerably less expensive than buying it in packets and boxes.

The biggest money saver is to buy dry beans from the bulk bins. They are so nutrient dense. Beans are a great plant-based source of protein.

6 – Dry your laundry outside

Investing in a great drying rack can save you a little. On average, it will cost you thirty six cents for every load your dry in your dryer. But the environmental costs are way bigger. Just think, everytime you turn on your dryer, you’re also firing up a coal-powered power plant. This in turn spews pollution into the atmosphere.

My favorite way to dry my clothes inside and out is this indoor-outdoor drying rack.

7 – DIY your cleaning supplies and some skincare

Get your DIY on!!! Making your own skin care and cleaning products can save you a considerable amount of money. Moreover, you are saving on tons of packaging.

Check out my DIY recipes for cleaning and skincare.

8 – Replace your plastic bags

Instead of buying plastic bags, you can invest in a set of waxed bags and wraps by E Tee Natural. They are organic and plastic-free. You won’t even need to purchase plastic wrap anymore. I love them!!!!


9 – Shop Used Clothes

The devastating impact of toxic chemicals for cheap fashion is horrifying. Fabrics are dyed in third world countries. The run-off literally poisons their drinking and bathing water. And that’s just the start of the heavy environmental impact of cheap high street fashion.

I am obsessed with The Real Real, where I can find gorgeous gently-used (sometimes tags on so not even used), designer clothes.

You can also do the Kondo Method on your own closets, and make some money by selling to any of the consignment sites!

I also like ThredUp and PoshMark.





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