8 Simple Tips For De-Stressing

8 simple tips for getting a handle on your stress
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Are you stressed? Of course you are! We’re all doing too much. And top of that many of us have some legit outside stress factors such as relationship, money and health issues. But, we need to take our stress seriously and learn to try to get a handle on it because 70% of doctors visits are attributed to stress. And 80% of illnesses may have their roots in stress. This is why I’m eager to share my 8 simple tips for de-stressing.

As we all have it, the key is learning how to manage it, so that it doesn’t start to impinge on your health and wellbeing.

Since stress affects every organ in your body, let’s quickly go over how it works:

  1. Your Central Nervous System (CNS) runs the whole show. The master controller is the hypothalamus, which is found in the brain. This big guy reacts to outside stress by telling the body to release the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, when stress occurs.
  2. These stress hormones put your body into a natural fight or flight response, where your heart pumps harder, your body produces more sugar, and your muscles contract.
  3. The problem occurs when your CNS doesn’t go back to a normal status quo after the external stress has passed. Nowadays with almost constant stress, these hormones rush around our body 24/7 wrecking havoc with our health.
  4. Some of the health issues connected with chronic low-level stress are: impaired immune system, weight gain, and heart disease.
  5. Stress can also bring on premature aging (yikes!!!!).

My 8 Simple Tips For Managing Stress:

  1. Journal – When you write out your daily fears, resentments and such in a journal on a daily basis, you might alleviate at least 50% of your stress. Katie Dalebout is about to launch her new book, called Let It Out, which is a must-have for those who want to learn how to journal.
  2. Meditate: Learn a simple Meditation practice. This is where an great App can come in handy. I love Stop Breathe and Think.
  3. Coloring Books are an awesome way to chill out. I have also just discovered an addictive Coloring App called ReColor.
  4. Knitting’s not for old ladies anymore. Knitting can take you into your chill zone in minutes. Ooh- just writing this is reminding me to whip out my needles. Even a newbie can knit a scarf, right?
  5. Exercise: It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do, just do it!
  6. Girls Night Out: This always works wonders for me because we laugh so much – laughter relieves stress. Plan one now!
  7. Walk A Lot (without your phone): When I am really stressed out, I grab my Chiahuahua and take off for a long walk. It always does the trick, especially because I get a chance to connect with nature, and my little dog who adores me even more for taking him out.
  8. Read Real Books: There is something about chilling out with a cup of tea and a real book (not a screen as in an iPad or phone) that takes my brain into a deeply relaxed zone. Try Book Of The Month (enter code Spring15 to get 50% off your first 3 month membership). Each month a panel of experts will recommend 5 books, and you get to choose the one you like best. This is genius because it makes me read at least one book for leisure per month. Reading at night on my iPad doesn’t count as down time because the back lit screen tricks my pineal gland into thinking that it’s still bright daylight outside. So always have a paper copy on your nightstand.



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